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- <h1>Rakudo Perl 6</h1>
- Jonathan (dukeleto) Leto got <a href="">Rakudo</a> <a
+<h1>Rakudo Perl 6</h1>
+ <a href="">Jonathan "Duke" Leto</a> got <a href="">Rakudo</a> <a
href="">Perl 6</a> working thanks in part to to
efforts by Moritz (moritz++) Lenz, of <a
href=""></a> fame, who
helped make input arguments work correctly.
+Here is an example stored procedure written in PL/Perl 6, from our test suite:
+CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION test_fibonacci_plperl6(integer) RETURNS int LANGUAGE plperl6 AS $$
+my $limit = @_[0];
+[+] (1, 1, *+* ... $limit)
+The first line is SQL, and everything between the $$ symbols is Perl 6! This stored procedure takes a single integer N and returns the sum of the first N Fibonacci numbers.

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