Smoker for PL/Parrot + Latest Parrot #21

leto opened this Issue May 18, 2010 · 2 comments

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Having a smoker that can run the PL/Parrot test suite with the latest Parrot subversion revision on a fixed Postgres installation would be really useful.


What version(s) of PostgreSQL? Now that 9.0beta has rolled, that's going to remain pretty stable, modulo giant bugs.

Also, what version(s) of Parrot?

Is there some smoker system you like? What's needed to become a smoker?


What we actually need is a buildbot, because we want to detect failed compiles. You still interested in hacking on this, @davidfetter ? I am fine with just getting a single version of Postgres, such as 9.1.0, and compiling PL/Parrot against each commit to Parrot master.

@leto leto was assigned Nov 16, 2011
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