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+Do The Jitterbug: Continuous Integration With Git
+Jitterbug is an exciting new continuous integration tool that integrates with Git. The goal
+of Jitterbug is to know how to build and run the test suite code in *any language*. Currently,
+there is support for Perl 5, Perl 6, Parrot, Ruby and Makefile-based projects and many more
+are on the way.
+Jitterbug can be used as a post-receive hook on Github or with pure-Git configurations as well.
+It has a pretty web interface that shows a history of commits, with links to test suite outputs
+and the commitdiff. Jitterbug also has a highly configurable email notifier, that can send email
+when test suites fail or pass, and allows templated headers and footers to allow for a customized
+email that contains links to relevant bug trackers or integration environments.
+Jitterbug is written in Perl 5 and uses the new Dancer web framework to show a web interface of
+continuous integration data.
+This talk will contain a brief introduction to how Jitterbug works, a full tutorial on
+how to install Jitterbug, how to add it as a post-receive hook on Github and finally how to customize
+Jitterbug emails to be as useful as possible.
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+Visual Introduction to Parrot Virtual Machine
+Parrot Virtual Machine is a seemingly-complex piece of software that dedicated hackers have been
+working on for over ten years. It currently has mature implementations of Perl 6 and Lua, and
+many dozens of in-progress implementations for every language under the sun.
+Because Parrot development moves fast, the documentation for any given subsystem is sometimes
+lagging. It can be hard for a newcomer to understand how all the pieces fit together.
+I propose to fix this problem by providing a "Visual Introduction" to Parrot, which will
+focus on information-dense pictures that show how the different parts of Parrot fit together.
+The first half of the talk will focus on what the building blocks of Parrot are, and how they
+fit together, while the second half of the talk will concentrate on how languages built on
+Parrot (known as High Level Languages or HLLs) interact with the virtual machine.
+Attendees of this talk will leave with a valuable understanding of how Parrot and HLLs on
+Parrot work that will be useful for years to come, instead of being told a bunch of details
+that will be quickly obsoleted.

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