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Start to convert build system to work with Parrot on git

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commit db25963528a6131ab29fc2b220139de01bcacdc5 1 parent 19a8b71
@leto authored
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30 build/
@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ =head2 SYNOPSIS
Maintains an appropriate copy of Parrot in the parrot/ subdirectory.
-The revision of Parrot to be used in the build is given by the
-build/PARROT_REVISION file.
+The SHA1 of Parrot to be used in the build is given by the
+build/PARROT_SHA1 file.
@@ -25,29 +25,21 @@ =head2 DESCRIPTION
my $slash = $^O eq 'MSWin32' ? '\\' : '/';
## determine what revision of Parrot we require
-open my $REQ, "build/PARROT_REVISION"
- || die "cannot open build/PARROT_REVISION\n";
-my ($reqsvn, $reqpar) = split(' ', <$REQ>);
-$reqsvn += 0;
+open my $REQ, "build/PARROT_SHA1"
+ || die "cannot open build/PARROT_SHA1\n";
+my ($reqsha1) = <$REQ>;
close $REQ;
- no warnings;
- if (open my $REV, '-|', "parrot_install${slash}bin${slash}parrot_config revision") {
- my $revision = 0+<$REV>;
- close $REV;
- if ($revision >= $reqsvn) {
- print "Parrot r$revision already available (r$reqsvn required)\n";
- exit(0);
- }
- }
+# TODO: Check if we already have the neccessary Parrot
-print "Checking out Parrot r$reqsvn via svn...\n";
-system_or_die(qw(svn checkout -r), $reqsvn , qw( parrot));
+print "Cloning Parrot repo via git...\n";
+system_or_die(qw(git clone), qw(git://;
chdir('parrot') || die "Can't chdir to 'parrot': $!";
+# This leaves the parrot repo in a HEADless state. Implications?
+system_or_die(qw(git checkout $reqsha1));
## If we have a Makefile from a previous build, do a 'make realclean'
if (-f 'Makefile') {
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