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Tapir is a PIR-based TAP (Test Anything Protocol) Harness
It eats test output (i.e. is a TAP consumer) and tells humans if the test suite passed, and if not,
which kind of pretty colors of smoke came out.
The only requirement for Tapir is Parrot 1.8.0 or higher.
To run the Tapir test suite with Tapir, first you must generate the PBC files with
$ make
The dependency on 'make' will disappear once we move to a pure-Parrot build (setup.pir)
Now to run the test suite:
$ ./tapir t/*.t
Also, you can always use parrot or prove to run Tapir tests individually:
$ parrot t/01-parse_plan.t
$ prove -v t/01-parse_plan.t