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=head1 These are things that need doin', in rough order of most-wanted first
Please let me know if you start hacking on one of these or if you have any amazing ideas.
* Integrate Tapir so that it plays nicely with setup.pir, i.e. "parrot setup.pir build" and "parrot setup.pir test"
The fakecutable is probably not being created correctly.
There should be at least 2 ways to run the tests: Tapir and prove
* Availability/Installability
in the Parrot tree (in ext/ like nqp-rx)
* Implement new command-line options with Getopt::Obj :
--env # see
See _parse_opts() in t/harness.pir for examples
* Out of order test notification
Better diagnostics
* Running tests in parallel
How to do it? There should be examples in the Parrot test suite
* Bailout support - This is implemented, but should be tested more
* Be able to run tests written in different languages in the same test run
Currently, Tapir assumes tests are in PIR unless given an --exec argument.
Run /bin/sh -c or ./file, and then default to parrot if neither work ?
Turns out /bin/sh -c foo.t means foo.t must be executable.
We also have the option of using proc_exec from the global parrot config
* More detailed statistics in test summary : user time (in addition to the current wallclock time)
- This requires Parrot support, which is tracked in
* Aggregation step in t/harness.pir needs to be abstracted out into Tapir::Harness and tested properly
* Use yaml tests in the t/source directory of
It would be nice if we could parse the YAML in PIR and treats these YAML files as
some kind of spec test suite for TAP
* Benchmark tapir against Test::Harness (3.x and 2.x) and (maybe) Test::Run, with euler_bench
* Submitting smoke reports to smolder
option --archive
TAP::Harness::Archive for Parrot
and a easy way to append extra properties in meta.yml
* How to deal with differences been TAP versions?
* Pluggable output formats