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Philosophy of Testing

This part of the book describes the basic philosophies that will help one excel at designing and writing tests and test infrastructure.

Basic Testing

This section describes specific strategies for common kinds of tests.

Advanced Testing

Advanced testing techniques that are required when test suites grow very large or require other special configuration and/or access to resources.

Domain-Specific Strategies

These are testing stategies that are specific to certain "knowledge domains". For instance, strategies for testing database-dependent PHP websites are different than those for testing command-line Python code.

Language-Specific Info

Each language has a different cultural attitude towards testing, different selection of test frameworks and libraries and often-times different names for the same thing. Understanding the underlying philosophy of testing and domain-specific stategies unifies these seemingly separate ways of doing things.


A testing glossary, which will act as a rosetta stone for the various and often conflicting or ambiguous terminologies across various languages.

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