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Running Real Test Suites

GIST: Overview of how to run various kinds of test suites from different free and open source projects. Show various kinds of tests suites in different languages. Point out similarities and differences.

You can learn theory until the heat death of the universe, but putting what you learn into practice is the only way to improve your skills.

CASH Music

CASH Music is a PHP web platform for musicians and artists. It uses the SimpleTest PHP library for unit tests and Perl libraries Test::Most and WWW::Mechanize for integration tests.

To get the code:

git clone git://
cd DIY

Then, you can need to run a "test installer" which sets up a SQLite test database

php installers/php/test_installer.php

Then, to run all the unit tests

php tests/php/all.php

To run the integration tests, ...

prove -lrv tests/integration/

SpiderMonkey (Javascript Enging in Firefox)

Describe how to run the JIT tests versus the full test suite and why both exist.

Parrot Virtual Machine

Good example of a Makefile-based system.

make test


Even if you don't like math, this is a good example of testing a Perl CPAN module.

git clone git://
cd math--matrixreal
perl Build.PL
./Build test


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