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Polyglot Paas Without Vender Lock-In
"Platform-as-a-service" or Paas is still a relatively new niche, but it is
already undergoing rapid changes and growing in many exciting ways.
The first Paas systems supported one or a few programming languages and
frameworks (such as Google App Engine) but with severe limitations. The
limitations came in the form of only allowing a subset of a programming language
to be used as well as forcing the developer to use certain libraries and
frameworks that the Paas required. This, whether intentional or not, is
a type of vendor lock-in, since it means that a large amount of could
would need to change to migrate to a different Paas.
A new generation of Paas platforms have appeared with attempt to fix some or
all of the above issues. These include Redhat Openshift, Heroku, Cloud Foundry
and many others. This talk will serve as an outline to compare and contrast
the open source code and services of various Paas providers with a focus on
preventing vendor lock-in and supporting many languages and frameworks.