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* Please give a detailed description of the project.
Parrot Virtual Machine is a portable register-based application virtual machine
intended as a research platform for dynamic languages as well as having the
goal of allowing "language interoperability", i.e. the ability of one language
running on Parrot (usually called a High Level Language (HLL)) to use libraries
from another language.
* What FLOSS License(s) does your project use? Please include the
primary license, and list other licenses for code that is included.
(e.g., "The project as a whole is GPLv3-or-later, but about a dozen
files in the directory src/external/ are under the Apache-2.0
All core (parrot.git) code is Artistic 2.0. All external code that is bundled with
Parrot is the in the ext/ directory.
ext/nqp-rx - Copyright Patrick R. Michaud, Artistic 2.0
ext/Parrot-Embed - Copyright 2006-2012 by Parrot Foundation and "chromatic"
ext/winxed - Copyright 2009-2013 by Julián Albo "NotFound",
dual-licensed under GPLv3+Artistic 1.0
* Please give us your roadmap and plans for future development of the
project, including both code and community plans.
We currently do not have an official developer roadmap. We recently
merged the very important "threads" branch but they are not yet being
effectively used in Parrot core or HLLs.
* Please give us the main link to the projects primary website.
* Please give us a URL to a code repository we can clone and/or
All Git repositories listed here are copyrighted by Parrot Foundation and
released under the Artistic 2.0 License:
* Have you ever had funds held by the project, or by any individual
on behalf of the project? How and for what did you spend those
We currently have a single bank account that holds some donations
we got a few years back. I think there is a sum of around $10K USD currently.
* Does your project owe funds to anyone?
We do have a few recurring small expenses, such as a fax number, lawyers fees
to file reports and taxes and a PO box.
There are no known outstanding debts at this time.
* Has your project ever had legal trouble, been involved in legal
proceedings or received a letter accusing your project of patent,
copyright, trademark or other types of infringement?
Not to my knowledge.
* Please give a brief history of the project, focusing on how the
community developed and the general health of the community. Be sure
to include information on any forks or other disputes that have
occurred in the community.
Parrot started as a new virtual machine for Perl 6 in 2001. It gradually became
a seperate project which aimed to be a virtual machine for all dynamic
languages, since Perl 6 wanted to support just about every feature a dynamic
language would want.
Originally there was a CVS repo, which was converted to Subversion many years
ago, which was converted to Git+Github by Jonathan "Duke" Leto. During the
Subversion Middle Ages, many projects "left the nest" and started being
developed in seperate repositories, outside what is currently called parrot.git
or "Parrot Core"
All the projects that were once in Parrot (plus more, that started independently)
are part of the Aviary a.k.a the Parrot Github Organization:
Only people who have signed Parrot Foundation CLAs have commit bits to the above
"Parrot Core" and "Parrot Aviary".
* Please explain how your project is governed. Who makes the
decisions in the project? How do you resolve disputes,
particularly about non-code issues?
Currently there is a Board of Directors that has a private mailing list
parrot-directors. There is a yearly vote by people with a commit bit
(parrot-members) to elect the members of the board. We have not had
our most recent election.
More details here:
* If your project runs on Linux-based systems, please list all the
distributions that include your project, and what "repository area"
the package appears in. If you aren't packaged for any major
distributions, please tell us why you believe your project hasn't
been packaged yet.
We are packaged on just about every major GNU/Linux distribution.
You can see a list of all the package systems we are in here:
* Does your project have any existing for-profit or non-profit
affiliations, funding relationships, or other agreements between the
project and/or key leaders of your project and other
organizations? Has the project had such affiliations in the past?
Please list of all of them in detail and explain their
nature. Even tangential affiliations and relationships should be
Each year Parrot Foundation takes place in Google Summer of Code
and sometimes Google Code-In, which involves getting donations from
Parrot Foundation has received funds from Activestate, BBC, NLNet
and Mozilla Foundation in the distant past.
* Approximately how many users does your project have, and what items
lead you to believe your userbase is of a particular size (e.g., post
counts to your user mailing list)?
Our biggest "user" is Rakudo Perl 6, which itself has many developers
(which are our users) and dozens to hundreds of users (which are our
users once removed.)
Various other small projects exist. parrot-libgit2 ( provides bindings
to the libgit2 library and PL/Parrot ( embeds Parrot into PostgreSQL.
As for metrics about our community size, the Github Pulse for parrot.git will tell you are current
and recent activity: