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What I did:
* Met atrodo++, soh_cah_toa++, util++ for the first time at YAPC::NA 2011
* Working on my "Visual Intro to Parrot Virtual Machine" talk that I will give tomorrow
* Git cloned winxed and Rosella for the first time and played around with them
* Got a commit bit to Rosella
* Fixed a bug in the Rosella test suite where the memoize tests failed on 32bit machines
* Talked with cotto++ and chromatic++ about what language should be used to generate M0 code
* Met with cotto++, particle++ and kid51++ and talked about Parrot Foundation stuff
* Contacted the Software Freedom Conservancy ( ) about Parrot
joining their ranks, so we don't have parrot hackers attempting to IRS paperwork and other non -Ofun stuff
What I will do:
* Attend the Parrot/Perl 6 BOF tonight
* Give my talk tomorrow
* Attend the Parrot hackaton on Thursday
* Lack of a waterproof laptop so I can hack in the hotel pool