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+Polyglot Paas Without Vender Lock-In
+"Platform-as-a-service" or Paas is still a relatively new niche, but it is
+already undergoing rapid changes and growing in many exciting ways.
+The first Paas systems supported one or a few programming languages and
+frameworks (such as Google App Engine) but with severe limitations. The
+limitations came in the form of only allowing a subset of a programming language
+to be used as well as forcing the developer to use certain libraries and
+frameworks that the Paas required. This, whether intentional or not, is
+a type of vendor lock-in, since it means that a large amount of could
+would need to change to migrate to a different Paas.
+A new generation of Paas platforms have appeared with attempt to fix some or
+all of the above issues. These include Redhat Openshift, Heroku, Cloud Foundry
+and many others. This talk will serve as an outline to compare and contrast
+the open source code and services of various Paas providers with a focus on
+preventing vendor lock-in and supporting many languages and frameworks.
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+Utilizing Travis CI
+There is an exciting new open source project called Travis CI that is also a
+*free* service which provides continuous integration as a service. It makes it
+trivially easy for any open source project on Github to start testing every
+commit of their code, without ever touching Hudson, Jenkins or any other scary
+CI systems.
+This is accomplished by adding a single configuration file to each git repo,
+which is a tiny bit of YAML that tells Travis how to run the tests for your code.
+This also has the added benefit of your CI configuration being under version control,
+instead of a forgotten config file sitting in a random place on your test server.
+This talk with be a brief introduction to CI and why it is so hard to setup and
+maintain for small projects as well as a more in-depth dive into making your
+own tests run on Travis CI. Examples will be shown for Ruby, Python, Perl and
+C-based projects. Other examples and languages will be shown if time allows.

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