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<h2>Really TLDR: The Parrot has landed.</h2>
<p>It brings me great joy to announce that I have completed all milestones for my
-grant regarding the Parrot Embed/Extend subsystems.</p>
-<p>The actual TLDR of this update is "many tests were written, code coverage is
-above 95% for all systems described in the grant, docs were improved, many
-Parrot Trac tickets were created and many a blarg toast was cooked.</p>
-<p>For those of you that have a thirst for knowledge unquenched (I know who you are),
-you are welcome to pondiferously peruse the Impending Technical Details.</p>
-<h2>The Deets</h2>
-<p>The last portion of this grant definitiely challenged me to think in new ways
-about testing and I am now only beginning to reap the benefits. I was charged
-with adding code coverage a few rarely-if-ever-used C functions in Parrot's
-embed/exted subsystem, which allows you embed Parrot into other applications
-and other funky stuff.</p>
-<p>Whiteknight++ greatly helped me write a test for Parrot<em>sub</em>from_c XXX which
-does YYY.</p>
-<p>I also learned many lessons about code coverage during the final stage of this
-grant, even though I thought I was at such a level of expertness that it would
-be hard to learn drastically new and important perspectives on testing. This
-pattern of thinking is always wrong.</p>
-<h3>Lesson 1</h3>
-<p>Sometimes you are the underdog and you have to interpret the rules in a new way
-in order to have a chance at winning. You need to be Ender Wiggins from Ender's
-Game: continually inventing new tactics to keep a winning edge over the
-<p>I noticed that a large portion (about 80%) of the uncovered code in one file
-was a macro that was copy-and-pasted into two places. I refactored this into a
-single macro called XXX, which reduced the total number of lines in the file by
-roughly 10, while simultaneously decreased the number of uncoverd lines in the
-file by ~20 lines, which had a combined effect of pushing the code coverage
-over the necessary 95% mark.</p>
-<p>This change definitely increases the maintainability and modularity of the
-code, but it feels a bit like gaming the system. Nonetheless, it saved the day.</p>
-<h3>Lesson 2</h3>
-<p>The simplest useful test that you are avoiding is the most valuable next test to
-write, because it has the best ROI (Return on Investment, where investment is the
-time it takes to write the test, and the return is having an automated way of
-verifying that the feature works.</p>
-<h3>Lesson 3</h3>
-<p>Software developers are very optimistic about time estimates. We forget about all
-the possible things that could go wrong and often quote estimates on something
-approaching "base case scenario". As a rule of thumb, I think all software developers
-should think long and hard about a time estimate for a given project, write down
-the estimate, then multiply that time estimate by pi for a REAL estimate.</p>
-<p>I theorize that pi is the factor of time it takes to debug and write tests for
-behavior of hard-to-recreate edge cases.</p>
-<p>I originally thought my grant would take about 3 months, but it ended up taking about
-9 or ten. QED.</p>
-<p>Finally, I would like to thank my grant manager Makamoto XXXX for providing
-lots of feedback, support and encouragement, as well as everyone else at the
-The Perl Foundation for funding this grant.</p>
-<h1>A Final TPF Parrot Embed/Extend Grant Update</h1>
-<h2>Really TLDR: The Parrot has landed.</h2>
-<p>It brings me great joy to announce that I have completed all milestones for my
<a href="">TPF</a> [grant regarding the Parrot Embed/Extend subsystems]
Not only that, but all of my grant work was included in the most recent release of

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