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@@ -264,14 +264,11 @@ constants like STDOUT or O_RDONLY, just like in C. The "%include" statement
works precisely as it does in C, sourcing the contents of that file.
To learn more about how to use asmutils, read the Asmutils-HOWTO, which is in
-the doc/ directory of the source. Also, to get the latest source, use the
+the doc/ directory of the source. Also, to get the [latest source repository](, use the
following commands:
-export CVS_RSH=ssh
-cvs login
-cvs -z3 co asmutils
+ git clone git://
This will download the newest, bleeding edge source into a subdirectory called
"asmutils" of your current directory. Take a look at some of the simpler
programs, such as cat,sleep,ln,head or mount, you will see that there isn't
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