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use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin;
use lib "$FindBin::Bin/../t/lib";
use Test::More tests => 14;
use_ok 'WWW::Mechanize::TreeBuilder';
use_ok 'MockMechanize';
my $mech = MockMechanize->new;
WWW::Mechanize::TreeBuilder->meta->apply( $mech );
# Check that the clone come from WWW::Mech, not HTML::TreeBuilder
my @meths = $mech->meta->find_all_methods_by_name('clone');
grep( { $_->{code}{delegate_to_method} } $mech->meta->find_all_methods_by_name('clone')),
"clone not delegated to tree"
$mech->get_ok('/', 'Request ok');
# Check we can use normal TWMC methods
$mech->content_contains('A para');
ok($mech->has_tree, 'We have a HTML tree');
isa_ok($mech->tree, 'HTML::Element');
is($mech->look_down(_tag => 'p')->as_trimmed_text, 'A para', "Got the right <p> out");
isa_ok($mech->find('h1'), 'HTML::Element', 'Can find an H1 tag');
like($mech->find('title')->as_trimmed_text, qr/\x{2603}/, 'Copes properly with utf8 encoded data'); # Snowman utf8 test
$mech->get_ok('/image', "Get image okay");
ok(!$mech->has_tree, "No tree for an image request");
$mech->get_ok('/plain', "Request plain text resource");
ok( !$mech->has_tree, "Plain text content-type has no tree");