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Revision history for XML::Atom
0.40 2011.09.18
* Fixed tests for Windows (wchristian)
* use all upper case UTF-8 (tsgit)
0.39 2011.06.20
* Disabled external entities and network to avoid possible security flaw (yannk)
0.38 2011.05.22
* Fixed a bug where content with newlines wasn't encoded in perl >= 5.12 (emasaka)
0.37 2009.12.29
* Fixed accessors for source elements (Vince Veselosky)
0.36 2009.12.21
* Fixed various dependency issues RT #23538, #34481, #52519, #41058 (Tomas Doran)
0.35 2009.05.01
* reworked Module::Install stuff to remove junks
0.34 2009.04.29
* Fixed $entry->source support (Martin Atkins)
0.33 2009.01.06
* Client: Send WSSE auth header only when username is set
(Thanks to David Bourget at
0.32 2008.11.23
* Added base and lang to Entry and Feed object. Fixed xml:base attributes.
(Simon Wistow)
0.31 2008.11.13
* Update Content-Type in XML::Atom::Client when the entity's version >= 1.0
(Thanks to David Steinbrunner RT 39801)
0.30 2008.11.12
* hopefully fix a bug where xml:base returns an empty string
(Thanks to tokuhirom
0.29 2008.10.25
* Skips Unicode tests since it doesn't pass with some libxml versions (and it's not actually a bug)
0.28 2007.11.06
* Fixed Namespace handling in extensions so that both URL and NS object work
(Thanks to Brian Cassidy)
0.27_01 2007.10.04
* Removes most of hacks to deal with LibXML insane unicode stuff which are fixed with 1.64
0.27 2007.09.15
* Fixed $feed->as_xml_utf8 to work with latest XML::LibXML
0.26 2007.09.15
* This be 0.26
0.25_02 2007.06.20
* Fixed tests that fail with newer libxml (Thanks to knagano)
0.25_01 2007.04.27
* Fixed XML::Atom::Base element accessor to work with attributes
(Patch from LTjake and Jshirley for OpenSearch extension)
* Make XML::Atom::Link easily subclassable
(Patch from Simon Wistow for Google Calendar support)
0.25 2006.11.30
* Fixed memory leaks in XML::Atom::Client
(Reported by Brian Cassidy)
0.24 2006.11.25
* Updated document to mention that ID creation is user's responsibility
* Added $feed->as_xml_utf8 which always returns UTF-8 bytes string, rather than UTF-8 flagged one.
This addresses annoying issues with UTF-8 vs. latin-1 (Thanks to Rui Vilela #21191)
* Better fix for the hateful default: prefix issue in libxml2; now we
remove the default\d* prefix on any nodes and set the proper namespace
* Fix to the test case since 0x242 is now printable character in bleadperl
(Thanks to Andreas Koenig and Steve Peters)
* Skip tests if 'euc-jp' is unknown encoding on your XML library
(via CPAN testers)
0.23 2006.08.27
* Fixed the method to get xml:lang and xml:base due to the
XML::LibXML 1.60 change which invalidated it.
0.22 2006.07.24
* Refactored internal element accessors by eating the new dog food
mk_elem_accessors and mk_object_list_accessor.
* Added support of Atom 1.0 <category> parse and generation
* Added $thing->links and $thing->categories as a moniker method
that returns an array reference in a scalar context
* Fixed a bug in $content->body() where it accidentally thinks the
content is not a valid Unicode string even if it is, if you call
eval {} in elsewhere in the code and $@ is left set.
(Thanks to Chris Dent for the patch)
0.21 2006.07.13
* propagate $entry's version when we create content element off of entry
using $entry->content("foo") syntax.
(Thanks to Simon Wistow for spotting this bug)
0.20 2006.07.12
* Lots of refactoring, which simplifies much of the code in the various
construct modules (Person, Link, etc), and which should also make it
much more straightforward to add extension classes in the future.
* Added global $XML::Atom::ForceUnicode flag to return everything as Unicode flagged
(Suggested by many people)
* Added global $XML::Atom::DefaultVersion flag to set default
version number for generated Atom feed. Defaults to 0.3 (for backward compatibility)
* Added support for atom:content @type in Atom 1.0 feeds
(Suggested by many people, especially Chris Dent and Andy Lester from Socialtext)
0.19 2006.03.19
* Fix 0.18 bug where renaming stuff was totally broken.
0.18 2006.03.16
* Support Atom 0.3 -> 1.0 renaming bits (issued -> published,
modified -> updated, tagline -> subtitle)
* $atom->content->body doesn't return Unicode flagged variable
anymore, even if it's text/ data. Now it just returns UTF-8 bytes.
(Thanks to Garth Webb)
0.17 2006.02.22
* Fixed problem with XML::XPath
0.16 2005.11.22
* Fixed a terrible bug when you set binary data to $entry->content
0.15 2005.11.01
- Fixed bug found in mode => 'insert'
(Thanks to Dominic Mitchell)
0.14 2005.10.21
- Fixed bug that it decodes binary data as UTF-8 octet
(Thanks to Mahlon E. Smith)
- Don't eat up STDIN in cgi-mode
(Thanks to Bayle Shanks)
- Now supports insert mode, by passing hash reference in add_entry
$feed->add_entry($entry, { mode => 'insert' });
(Thanks to Dominic Mitchell)
0.13_01 2005.09.13
- Now supports creating version 1.0 feed by passing new(Version => 1.0)
- Be more strict in utf-8 handling and base64ing
(Thanks to Dave Rolsky)
0.13 2005.08.18
- Bumped up the version
- $feed->version now returns 1.0 when xmlns patches with that for 1.0
- Fixed segmentation fault problem with <atom:content> longer than 2.5k
(Thanks to Chris Dent and Ryan King)
- No unicode decode hack on content withou mode="xml"
0.12_01 2005.07.19
- Added Atom 1.0 feed support for parsing
- Hacked Unicode entity in $content->body
- Added $entry->contributor
- $entry->contributor and $entry->person returns list in list context
- Added $content->lang and $content->base (xml:lang and xml:base)
- Make sure $feed->as_xml doesn't set utf-8 flag
0.12 2005.06.07
- Documentation fixes for XML::Atom::Server. Thanks to Tatsuhiko
Miyagawa for the patch.
- Removed XML::LibXSLT usage. Too much pain for too little gain.
To be clear: all it was doing was namespace normalization, so
removing it should make no difference.
- Fixed _utf8_off bug in XML::Atom::Client that causes fatal error
in POSTing multibyte content (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Masayoshi Sekimura)
- Added XML::Atom::Thing::add method to allow $entry->add()
(Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)
0.11 2005.02.23
- Remove the default: namespace when converting to XML using as_xml
(the earlier fix only fixed it when getting the contents of an entry
using $entry->content).
- UTF-8 data is no longer base64-encoded in XML::Atom::Content. Thanks
to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the patch.
- Added XML::Atom::Entry::getlist($ns, $element) to retrieve the values
of an element that may appear multiple times in the entry (like
dc:subject). Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the patch.
- Added ability to set namespaced attributes in an XML::Atom::Link
object. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the patch.
- XML::Atom::Entry::add_link($link) no longer clones $link if it's
a XML::Atom::Link object. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the
0.10 2004.12.31
- Eliminated unitialized value warning on <link /> attributes that
aren't set.
- Added XML::Atom::Feed->version to get and set the version of the feed.
- XML::Atom::Feed->language can now be used to set the language of
the feed.
- Added support for using XML::XPath in XML::Atom::Server. Thanks to
Autrijus Tang for the patch.
0.09 2004.07.29
- Fixed "500 Malformed characters in syswrite" bug with utf-8. Thanks to
Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the patch.
- Fixed bug in server where empty XML response would cause an error. Thanks
to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for the patch.
0.08 2004.06.01
- Added XML::Atom::Feed::language method, which returns the language
of the feed (from 'xml:lang').
- Added XML::Atom::Feed::author, which returns a XML::Atom::Person
object representing the <author> element.
- Remove the default: namespace prefix that XML::LibXML adds inside
<content mode="xml"> elements.
- Use LWP::Authen::Wsse module for WSSE authentication when in REST
mode, which handles redirects properly.
0.07 2004.05.15
- Added (experimental) support for using XML::XPath as an alternative
to XML::LibXML. This is detected automatically upon loading XML::Atom;
XML::LibXML is still the default.
- WSSE authentication tokens now persist properly across server
redirects. Thanks to Autrijus Tang for the patch.
- Fixed bug where empty password (empty string or "0") would cause
an invalid login in Atom server core. Also, improved error message
on invalid password for security. Thanks to Tatsuhiki Miyagawa
for the patch.
0.06 2004.04.14
Fixed Nonce behavior in API. Nonce should be sent in base64-encoded
form in SOAP and REST requests, but decoded (raw) nonce should be used
when generating PasswordDigest.
- Feed->add_link and Entry->add_link now support the same hash
reference parameter style as used in 0.041 and below, in addition
to the XML::Atom::Link parameter.
- Fixed bug with Feed->link so that it no longer returns links that
are contained within <entry> elements within the <feed>.
0.05 2004.01.05
Removed XML::Atom::Entry::get_links and XML::Atom::Feed::get_links,
in favor of new link() method in both classes, which returns a list
of XML::Atom::Link objects. Also, add_link() now expects an
XML::Atom::Link object instead of a hash reference.
Renamed XML::Atom::API to XML::Atom::Client.
- Added XML::Atom::Link, an encapsulation of the <link> tag in a feed
or an entry.
- Added XML::Atom::Server, an implementation of an Atom core server
(to be subclassed for implementation-specific methods).
- Fixed feed auto-discovery to work with all client tests at
- Added (and documented) XML::Atom::Feed->find_feeds, to return all
of the Atom feed URIs on a page given a URI.
- Fixed issue with PasswordDigest in API (use sha(), not hex(sha())
for generating password digest).
- Stream parameter to XML::Atom::Entry::new and XML::Atom::Feed::new
is now optional; if passed only one parameter, it's assumed to be
the Stream parameter.
- Fixed bug in XML::Atom::Content::as_xml (it didn't work).
0.041 2003.12.15
- Fixed issue with calling $entry->content on list of entries generated
from $feed->entries. (Thanks to esummers for the report.)
0.04 2003.12.14
<content> elements are now represented as XML::Atom::Content objects
instead of just get/set accessors. You can still set
XML::Atom::Entry::content with a scalar (it will be automatically
upgraded to an XML::Atom::Content object), but to get the value of
<content>, you need to call XML::Atom::Content::Body. For example:
- XML::Atom::Entry::content now removes the <div> wrapper from
XHTML <content> when called with no arguments.
- Changed XML::Atom::Author to XML::Atom::Person and re-implemented it.
- Changed "WSSE" to "UsernameToken" in X-WSSE header.
0.03 2003.12.05
- Added XML::Atom::Author to represent author or contributor, with
accessors for name, email, URL, etc.
- Updated XML::Atom::API per the 08 API spec:
* Removed searchEntries and replaced it with getFeed
* Removed introspection and replaced it with URI parameters
to createEntry and getFeed (introspection will be added
back in once it is more locked down)
- Added support for easily adding <link> tags to feed or entry
(eg XML::Atom::Feed::add_link) and getting <link> tags from feed or
entry (eg XML::Atom::Feed::get_links).
- Fixed XML::Atom::Thing::get to return undef when an element is
not found in the object at all (it used to return the empty string).
0.02 2003.09.28
- Completely revamped authentication mechanism to use X-WSSE header
(or corresponding SOAP headers).
- Removed 03-client.t test, because there aren't any publicly
available servers to test against. (Are there?)
- Added support for SOAP wrapper in API client.
- Added namespace support in XML::Atom::Namespace using get and set
methods in XML::Atom::Entry and XML::Atom::Feed.
- Added namespace normalization for produced XML (if XML::LibXSLT
is installed). This is really just a cosmetic thing.
0.01 2003.09.07
- Initial distribution.