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Revision history for Perl extension Devel::SizeMe.
0.06 2012-10-17 Tim Bunce
* fix madprop_size, hopefully (untested)
* fix pod NAME, thanks to Moritz
* fix to work with Mojolocious < v2.49, thanks to Peter (Stig) Edwards.
0.05 2012-10-11 Tim Bunce
* Assorted version portability and compiler warning fixes.
0.04 2012-10-05 Tim Bunce
* Removed Mojolicious::Lite as a prerequisite as it was stoping people
using SizeMe with perl 5.8.
0.03 2012-10-04 Tim Bunce
* Fixup logic and tests to be portable across more perl versions.
* Applied some polish to the docs.
0.02 2012-10-02 Tim Bunce
* Renamed to Devel::SizeMe.
* Assorted fixes, cleanups and polish.
* Greatly extended perl_size coverage thanks to rafl.
0.01 2012-09-29 Tim Bunce
* Created new Devel::Memory extension using a modified version of
Devel::Size's perl memory data crawler, extended to support
callbacks, a 'data path name' concept, data streaming,
data processing and visualization.
* The Devel::Memory core was based on 0.77. The generic changes
will be fed back to Devel::Size so it will remain the
canonical source of knowledge of how to crawl perl internals.
Once Devel::Size has the changes then Devel::Memory will use
it as the core, but compiled with options to enable the extra
features. That way Devel::Size won't have any performance penalty.
* This is very much experimental 'alpha' software. You're milage will
vary and anything may change between releases.
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