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Devel::SizeMe is a variant of Devel::Size that can stream out detailed
information about the size of individual data-structures and the links
between them.
It can do this for the entire perl interpreter internals as well as your own
perl data structures.
It comes with scripts for storing this data in a database and visualizing it in
various forms, including graphs and an interactive treemap.
Current implementation is alpha and rather hackish.
For more info see
Random TODOs:
Integrate changes back into Devel::Size so we can share a common core.
Add ref count handling, per
Output addr as a leaf of a link node for items not scanned due to ref cnt
render those as dotted lines on the graph visualization
(and thus change from a tree to a DAG) so we can see alternate paths.
Optionally add addr to all nodes to enable visualization of memory layout
Two cases where PERL_SUBVERSION is checked with a plain || (marked XXX)
Devel::SizeMe::Core - loads XS and sets options
Devel::SizeMe - loads Devel::SizeMe::Core
Devel::SizeMe::Stream - parse raw stream
Devel::SizeMe::Store - db write
Devel::SizeMe::Data - db read / orlite?
Devel::SizeMe::Graph - data reading/processing for sizeme_graph
sizeme_store - script wrapper for Devel::SizeMe::Store
sizeme_graph - Mojolicious app wrapper using Devel::SizeMe::Graph
Move Devel::SizeMe::Graph and co out to separate distro.
Remove log scale checkbox from the treemp as it doesn't work yet
Support multiple runs to same sizeme_store process, generating separate files
Name runs to allow total_size (for example) of multiple data structures
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