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* Where will social coding take us in the future?
* How is social coding changing the way developers work?
* Are resumes obsolete in a world of social coding?
+Social coding is much older than most people think. Nobody knows any exact
+dates, but it most probably started with sneaker-nets in the 1970's. Back
+in old days when dinosaurs might eat your "console", the only way to share
+code was to copy files, modify them, and then pass them around on physical
+A defining moment in the history of social coding is when the
+[```patch```]( program was written
+by [Larry Wall]( (of Perl fame) in May of 1985.
+There were surely other kinds of patching software before this (patches go all
+the way back to punch cards) but the ```patch``` program was the first Free +
+Open source software to accomplish this and formed the basis of most version
+control systems that evolved soon after it. Finally you could just pass around
+the part of the code that changed instead of whole files or whole codebases!
+This was huge when floppies reigned and megabytes were magically large
+Fast-forward to now and we have [Github](,
+[BitBucket](, pull requests with in-line comments and
+snazzy web interfaces for social coding. Where are we going next? Come join us
+at the Social Media User Group and find out!

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