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Add some beef to 100 dollar startup review

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@@ -21,4 +21,22 @@ in Portland, Oregon, since Chris lives in Portland. But that makes you think:
Chris has traveled to just about every country in the world: Why did he choose
Portland as home? Perhaps it is the Shangri-La for accidental entrepeneurs.
Portlandia would like you to think that it is the land of twenty-something
-retirees, but that doesn't quite explain the existince of the Silicon Forest.
+retirees, but that doesn't quite explain the existince of the Silicon Forest
+or the menagerie of non-tech startups that Chris details in the book.
+## Free + Open $100 Startups
+This book is specifically not focused on tech and other startups that require
+very specific knowledge in a particular niche. That is good, because all the
+examples in the book make you think "Wow, *I* could have come up with that".
+## Not Just A Story
+One of the most valuable parts of the book, for myself, was the frequent
+checklists and excerpts to the main text, such as ["The One Page Business Plan"](,
+["Thirty-Nine-Step Product Launch Checklist"](, ["The One Page Promotion Plan"]( and
+many others. In addition to these, there is an appendix containing a list of 25
+selected case studies of $100 Startups, which includes the name of the primary
+founder, name of the business, a fact-based description and the emotion-based
+promise of the business. This is an invaluable resource for studying the people
+and businesses that you would to emulate.

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