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void: v
# 'i' types
int: i
unsigned int: i
# 'l' types
unsigned long: l
long: l
unsigned long int: l
signed long int: l
long int: l
# 'd' types
double: d
char: p
# 'p' types
# since 't' is deprecated
char *: p
const void *: p
const char *: p
const char *path: p
const char *git_dir: p
const char *git_index_file: p
const char *git_work_tree: p
const char *git_object_directory: p
git_odb *object_database: p
git_odb *: p
git_reflog: p
git_transport: p
git_tree: p
git_signature: p
git_config: p
git_index: p
git_repository: p
git_treebuilder: p
git_reference: p
git_oid: p
git_oid *oid: p
git_odb: p
git_revwalk: p
git_object: p
git_otype: p
git_commit: p
git_tag: p
git_blob: p
git_tree_entry: p
git_odb_object: p
git_strarray: p
git_rtype: p
git_repository *: p
git_repository *repo: p
git_index_entry *: p
const git_index_entry_unmerged *: p
const git_tree_entry *: p
const git_oid *: p
const char objects_dir*: p
git_signature *: p
git_time_t: p
git_odb_backend: p
git_odb_stream: p
const git_signature *: p
const char *system_config_path: p
const char *user_config_path: p
signed long int *: p
# FIXME: both mp_size_t and mp_exp_t are ints if _CRAY and _CRAYMPP are
# not defined. This should be the normal case, but in the future we should
# have a way to determine this - perhaps a small C program that compiles
# and outputs the system values like Parrot's Configure steps
mp_size_t: i
mp_exp_t: i
# FIXME: size_t is platform dependent, not sure it will always fit
# inside an 'i' type
# NOTE: It definitely won't. This is borked.
size_t: i
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