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#/usr/bin/env winxed
$load "rosella/test.pbc";
$load "./src/git2.pbc";
$load "./src/parrotgit.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Config.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Common.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Commit.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Oid.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Cache.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/RefCache.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Repository.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/RevWalk.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Odb.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/AttrCache.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Blob.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Reference.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Remote.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/RevParse.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Object.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Tag.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/Tree.pbc";
$load "./src/Git2/TreeIndex.pbc";
$load "dumper.pbc";
$include_const 'datatypes.pasm';
$include_const "iglobals.pasm";
$loadlib "io_ops";
namespace Git2 {
class Repository;
class Index;
class Branch;
class Cache;
class Config;
class Commit;
class Oid;
class Reference;
class RevWalk;
class Remote;
class Blob;
class Object;
class Tag;
class Tree;
class TreeIndex;
class Test_git2_repository_open {
function test_new_branch() {
var branch = new Git2.Branch;
self.assert.instance_of(branch, class Git2.Branch);
function test_new_repo() {
var repo = new Git2.Repository;
self.assert.instance_of(repo, class Git2.Repository);
function test_cstring() {
var str = cstring("foo");
self.assert.not_null(str,"cstring is not null");
self.assert.defined(str,"cstring is defined");
function test_atos(){
string s = "foo";
string r;
var x = cstring(s);
r = atos(x);
self.assert.equal(r, "foo");
function open_repo() {
using Git2.Repository;
using Git2.Raw.git_repository_open;
using cstring;
// TODO: get proper error return value here. Currently error printing is
// deferred to the C wrapper
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
function repository_index() {
using Git2.Repository;
using Git2.Index;
// TODO: slashes portable
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var git_index = new Git2.Index();
var rc1 = -1;
var rc2 = -1;
var rc3 = -1;
var rc4 = -1;
rc1 = repo.is_empty();
self.assert.equal(rc1, 0);
rc2 = repo.is_bare();
self.assert.equal(rc2, 0);
rc3 = repo.is_shallow();
self.assert.equal(rc3, 0);
//Make sure you want to set head.
//rc4 = repo.set_head("refs/heads/master");
//self.assert.equal(rc4, 0);
rc4 = repo.is_detached();
self.assert.equal(rc4, 0);
int ecount = git_index.get_entrycount();
function create_repo(){
using Git2.Repository;
var repo = new Git2.Repository();
var rc1 = repo.init_repo("/tmp/test");
string path = repo.path();
self.assert.equal(path, "/tmp/test/.git/");;
function clone_repo(){
using Git2.Repository;
var repo = new Git2.Repository();
print("Cloning repository...\n");
repo.clone("", "/tmp/parrot");
var ptr = repo.get_pointer();
self.assert.defined(ptr, "Repository not cloned.");
string cmd = "rm -rf /tmp/parrot";
int result;
${spawnw result, cmd};
function reference_test(){
using Git2.Git.repo_head;
using Git2.Raw.git_reference_name;
using Git2.Git.branchname;
using Git2.Reference;
using cstring;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var name = "HEAD";
var ref = new Git2.Reference(repo, name);
int type = ref.reference_type();
self.assert.equal(type, 2);
string ref_name = ref.reference_symbolic_target();
function config(){
using Git2.Config;
var config = new Git2.Config;
int j = config.get_int32("help.autocorrect");
self.assert.equal(j, 0);
function index() {
var git_index = new Git2.Index;
self.assert.instance_of(git_index, class Git2.Index);
function oid() {
using Git2.Oid;
var git_oid = new Git2.Oid();
using Git2.Raw.git_oid_fromstr;
self.assert.instance_of(git_oid, class Git2.Oid);
var hex = "599955586da1c3ad514f3e65f1081d2012ec862d";
function commit(){
using Git2.Commit;
using Git2.Repository;
using Git2.Oid;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var hex = "e1380b1f60babf677921c4a9b5e92acda0b15e18";
var commit1 = new Git2.Commit(repo, hex);
int ctime = commit1.commit_time();
int offset = commit1.commit_time_offset();
string message1 = commit1.message();
self.assert.equal(message1, "NCI updates for libgit2 0.19\n");
int parentcount = commit1.parentcount();
for(int i = 0; i < parentcount; i++){
var parent_commit = new Git2.Commit;
parent_commit = commit1.parent(i);
int pcount2 = parent_commit.parentcount();
function rev_walk(){
using Git2.RevWalk;
using Git2.Repository;
using Git2.Oid;
using Git2.Commit;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var hex = "e1380b1f60babf677921c4a9b5e92acda0b15e18";
var git_oid = new Git2.Oid();
var rev_walk = new RevWalk;
while( == 0){
var commit1 = new Git2.Commit();
commit1.commit_lookup(repo, rev_walk.oid);
int parentcount = commit1.parentcount();
function blob(){
using Git2.Repository;
using Git2.Oid;
using Git2.Blob;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var hex = "a556bfd051e6cd09844eda9ccb372f37629f5385";
var git_oid = new Git2.Oid();
var blob = new Blob;
blob.lookup(repo, git_oid);
var size = blob.raw_size();
function rev_parse(){
using Git2.RevParse.rev_parse_single;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var spec = "HEAD^";
var obj = Git2.rev_parse_single(repo, spec);
function remote(){
using Git2.Remote;
using Git2.Repository;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var remote = new Git2.Remote;
remote.create_remote(repo, "Test_Remote", "http://testremote/remote.git");
var url = "http://testurl/url.git";
int valid = remote.valid_url(url);
self.assert.equal(valid, 1);
int i = remote.set_url(url);
self.assert.equal(i, 0);;
//TODO: do this using libgit2. Doesn't seem possible yet.
string cmd = "git remote rm Test_Remote";
int result;
${spawnw result, cmd};
function git_tag(){
using Git2.Oid;
using Git2.Tag;
using Git2.Repository;
using Git2.Object;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var hex = "e1380b1f60babf677921c4a9b5e92acda0b15e18";
var git_oid = new Git2.Oid();
int ret = git_oid.oid_from_str(hex);
var obj = new Git2.Object(repo, git_oid);
var target_oid = new Git2.Oid();
var name = "Test_Tag";
var tag = new Git2.Tag();
int rc1 = tag.create_lightweight(target_oid, repo, name, obj);
self.assert.equal(rc1, 0);
rc1 = tag.delete(repo, name);
self.assert.equal(rc1, 0);
function tree(){
using Git2.Tree;
using Git2.TreeIndex;
using Git2.Repository;
var repo = new Git2.Repository(".");
var tree = new Git2.Tree();
var oid = new Git2.Oid();
var hex = "556d8f5741abf8728fce8cdb0e1f764bce7dc8a2";
tree.lookup(repo, oid);
int count = tree.entrycount();
var entry = new Git2.TreeIndex();
entry.byindex(tree, 0);
string name =;
function main[main]() {
using Rosella.Test.test;
test(class Test_git2_repository_open);