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Update the readme; remove old info + tips about libffi

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@@ -7,9 +7,15 @@ languages running on Parrot Virtual Machine.
## Compiling
-You need [Parrot VM]( 3.5.0 or higher to compile parrot-libgit2 . 3.6.0
+You need [Parrot VM]( 3.5.0 or higher configured with libffi to compile parrot-libgit2 . 4.6.0
or higher is recommended.
+To see if your Parrot has [libffi](
+ parrot_config HAS_LIBFFI
+You should see a true value. If you see a 0 or empty string, your Parrot is not configured with libffi.
The language [Winxed]( is included in Parrot >= 3.5.0, and the build system of parrot-libgit2
uses it. To build parrot-libgit2:
@@ -18,14 +24,9 @@ uses it. To build parrot-libgit2:
## Running Tests
parrot-libgit2 uses [Rosella]( to run
-and implement a test suite. You currently need Rosella installed to run the
-Adding Rosella as a git submodule to parrot-libgit2 is [in the works](
-Instructions on compiling and installing Rosella can be found are [here](
+and implement a test suite.
-Once you have Rosella, run the parrot-libgit2 test suite with:
+To run the parrot-libgit2 test suite:
winxed setup.winxed test

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