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-- system_collapse
-- @short: Collapse important subsystems, leaving only frameservers alive.
-- @inargs: *applname*, *noadopt*
-- @longdescr: This function purges audio/video/events from everything not
-- strictly related to frameservers. Then, if *applname* was specified, it loads
-- and runs *applname* and invokes an applname_adopt function for each
-- frameserver related VID, unless *noadopt* has been set to true.
-- This enables recovery from bad system states switching to an app that can
-- permit the user to clean-up and save important
-- information that would otherwise be lost or simply to switch active scripts
-- while keeping core services intact. If *applname* is left undefined,
-- the current namespaces and active scripts will be re-used but the scripting
-- context will be reset.
-- @note: frameservers existing in multiple context stack levels are collated
-- down to a flat, new context.
-- @note: if the number of running frameservers is higher than the current new
-- context vobj limit, the vobj limit will be raised.
-- @note: if there are more running frameservers in all contexts combined than
-- what is permitted (compile-time) some frameservers will be truncated and
-- deleted. (likely to hit system process and descriptor limits before that
-- happens).
-- @note: frameservers will have their order value set depending on the context
-- they were previously allocated in.
-- @note: the search space for *applname* is constrained to namespace defined by
-- the APPLBASE namespace.
-- @group: system
-- @cfunction: syscollapse
-- @related:
-- @exampleappl: tests/interactive/failover tests/interactive/failadopt