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-- system_load
-- @short: Load and parse additional scripts or modules.
-- @inargs: resstr, *dieonfail*
-- @longdescr: The system_load function is used to dynamically parse/load
-- additional .lua files and, optionally, dynamic libraries. The filename
-- extension determines which namespaces that are allowed and how the resource
-- will be loaded and parsed.
-- By default, failure to locate, parse or load the specified resource will
-- lead to a terminal state transition. To avoid this behavior, set *dieonfail*
-- to 0 or false and a failing call will just return nil.
-- For .lua files, the default is liberal. The namespaces and order searched
-- is (appl-temp > appl > sys_scripts > shared-resources).
-- For .lib files, the extension will be replaced with the implementation
-- defined library extension on the underlying os (typically .so, .dll
-- or .dylib), and the namespace is restricted to RESOURCE_SYS_LIBS.
-- These modules are expected to export the following prototype:
-- luaL_Reg* arcan_module_init(int lua_major, int lua_minor, int lua_vernum)
-- @note: Since dynamic library support is an optional engine feature,
-- and can be used to increase the attack surface or circumvent the VM
-- barrier alltogether, it should be used sparringly and only with verified
-- and trusted code.
-- @note: The namespace mapping can be changed compile- time by setting
-- CAREFUL_USERMASK and MODULE_USERMASK for the arcan_lua.c source file.
-- @group: system
-- @cfunction: systemload
function main()
#ifdef MAIN
system_load("test_bad.lua", 0);
-- this part requires that the examples/test_module has been built and
-- is placed in the RESOURCE_SYS_LIBS
testfun = system_load("test.lib", false);
if (testfun == nil) then
warning("couldn't load dynamic library 'test'");
#ifdef ERROR
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