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@letoram letoram tagged this Aug 31, 2016 · 1410 commits to master since this tag

		* New functions: target_devicehint (control accelerated device use and connection points),
		                 video_displaygamma (access low-level display gamma ramps),
		                 rendertarget_vids (enumerate rendertarget- attachments)
		* Update functions: target_displayhint(synch controls), set_context_attachment(can now query),
		                    rendertarget_forceupdate(change rate after creation), target_seek(can now
		                    specify seek domain), system_collapse (can now disalbe frameserver-vid
		* Added shmif_ext support library for reusing the boiler plate in setting up display-less
                  egl surfaces, creating contexts and performing handle passing.
		* Audio buffer negotiation can now switch samplerate
		* Structure for specifying viewport-border region extended to handle varying t/l/d/r
		* Support for live migration between connection points
		* Extended the number of RESET states to account for server crash recovery

		* image loading and guard thread stack size and safety edge condition fixes
		* allow shmif- connections to negotiate deviating audio samplerate

		* Added optional tesseract-ocr support to encode frameserver.
		* Removed resamplers from game
		* Terminal: mouse protocol support, better resize filtering, better scrolling step size
		controls, fixed font descriptor leak, OSC set title and bracket paste support

		* Support for egl-dri on BSDs
		* Input platform for FreeBSD/console
		* Display mapping semantics improved for SDL/egl-dri
		* Improved synch- control for multiple displays
		* linux/event, renamed to evdev, better (but still not good) VT switching support
		* evdev, MT event formatting fixes
		* evdev, better recovery in the event of SIGTERM

		* sdl12 hijack library reworked to use dummy- drivers for A/V
		* xlib hijack library for partially broken SDL12/SDL2 games that rely on dangling
		  X/GLX symbols
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