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  • added support for sliced vstores (cubemap, 3d texture)
  • rendertarget_ids are now exposed as a uniform (for stereo rendering)
  • ugly 1-tick animation timer discard bug fixed
  • fixed video layer display- duplication bug on crash recovery
  • synchronization layer refactor for future multi-GPU/on-demand and multithreaded client processing
  • added system scripts namespace for better sharing between projects
  • expose target_flag controls for deferred / script-locked resize control


  • Switched the default careful usermask to match usermask
  • updated function, build_3dbox - added face split option
  • depth function controls added
  • new function, image_storage_slice - for converting and synching a sliced store
  • new function + builtin uniform, rendertarget_id => rtgt_id - for distinguishing between target rendertarget at the shader stage
  • new functions for 3d mesh and navigation: build_sphere, build_cylinder, step3d_model
  • updated 3d motion functions to accept interpolation function arguments
  • exit_silent argument added to shutdown so clients switch to recover state
  • displayhint constants fixed for maximized and fullscreen states
  • mesh_shader now behaves like image_shader (string and numerical ids accepted)
  • histogram_impose can now work with row offsets
  • update_handler on frameserver in terminal state will be _fatal rejected
  • load_fail forward fix to asynchronous image loading
  • build_plane now also permits a vertically oriented mesh
  • image_tesselation function now expose depth buffer controls
  • resample_image extended to allow source vstore snapshotting
  • fix to crash recovery being misinterpreted for -b :self
  • open_nonblock now also supports domain sockets
  • new function, rendertarget_range for masking out rendering of objects based on order
  • add EXIT_SILENT option to shutdown() to allow clients to live on after display server shutdown
  • resettransform now returns remaining time for each transform slot
  • improved (debug build only) trace output on script errors in callback
  • added entry point _fatal(msg)->str triggered on scripting error for better custom error reporting


  • voidlinux - packages upstreamed for (arcan, durden, arcan-wayland, xarcan, aclip, aloadimage)


  • restructure to allow more complicated accelerated handle passing
  • egl-dri: tty- switch regression fix
  • egl-dri: context management reworked in preparation of threaded/mixed 10-bit/8-bit outputs
  • linux/openbsd: much improved privilege separation support


  • devicehint- now carries metadata about accepted buffer formats
  • default handlers (when client provides no implementation) for pushed segments are now supported
  • ground work for hidden fallback implementation of force-pushed subsegments
  • last_word mechanism added to communicate a user-readable string for abnormal termination
  • ground work for 'per-scanline' like dirty transfers
  • add helper function, arcan_shmif_handover_exec for delegating subwindows to child processes


  • reworked timing code (again)
  • force-push debug segment now provides a default state debug output window


  • Add support for starting position hint
  • Noaudio argument added
  • Add default bindings for seek controls
  • Add optional (default off) libuvc based webcam access


  • Added support for xdg_wm_base protocol
  • eglSwapBuffer() client livelock race fixed
  • mouse wheel scrolling fixes
  • added controls for specifying temp folder prefix in -exec mode


  • Add support for resetting default "forward" orientation


  • subwindow semantics simplified
  • add support for dynamic loading
  • controls for setting semantic label to color mapping
  • fix to writestr / erase_region dirty- tracking


  • added acfgfs tool to mount durden- like menus as a FUSE filesystem


  • multiple rpath / osx build fixes
  • add controls for manual disable fsrv archetypes
  • dropped a number of < 3.0 cmake behaviors and bumped required version
  • egl-dri platform now defaults to adding arcan binary suid



  • VR support now covers the full path from bridge communicating metadata and limb discovery/loss/map/updates.
  • (71939f) -0,-1 pipes and filters input setup added, covered in AWK for Multimedia.
  • format-string render functions extended with vid-subimage blit
  • generate GUIDs for launched frameservers


  • New function: define_linktarget used to create an offscreen render pipeline that is tied to the pipeline of another rendertarget.
  • New function: subsystem_reset used to rebuild subsystems (video only for now) to allow live driver upgrades, active GPU switching and so on - without losing state
  • Updated function: camtag_model, change to allow forcing destination rendertarget
  • Updated function: image_tesselation, expose index access
  • Updated function: render_text, added evid,w,h and Evid,w,h,x1,y1,x2,y2
  • Updated function: launch_avfeed, added guid as return
  • Forward current cached GUID on device hint


  • Persist GUID across migration
  • Allow incoming devicehint events to update 'last known guid'
  • Removed reconnect backoff delay


  • Support for ligatures improved
  • Highlighting/Inverse/Full-Block cursor changed for better visibility
  • Added controls to "screenshot" the current window into a new (input label: COPY_WINDOW)
  • Copy Windows can be set to be the primary clipboard receiver (input label: SELECT_TOGGLE)


  • Add preinit stage to event and video subsystems for acquiring / dropping privileges
  • Added chacha20 csprng and cipher
  • OpenBSD: added mouse support
  • Egl-Dri: swap-GPU slot added to db- based configuration
  • SDL2: improved keyboard and mouse support


  • Initial support for OpenHMD


  • Ported to OpenBSD


  • Fixes to subsurface allocations
  • -egl-shm argument added, perform shm->dma_buf conversion in bridge to offload server
  • single exec mode (arcan-wayland -exec /my/bin) for stronger separation between clients
  • add support for rebuilding client (crash recovery and migration) described in (crash-resilient wayland compositing)[]
  • basic seccomp syscall filtering


  • First draft version, will be the main focus of the 0.6- series of releases.



  • Refactored frameserver- spawning parts to cut down on duplicated code paths and make setup/control more streamlined.
  • Added support for tessellated 2D object, with more fine-grained control over individual vertices.
  • Extended agp_mesh_store to cover what will be needed for full glTF2.
  • Crash-recovery procedure for external clients now also applies to scripting layer errors when there is no fallback appl set.
  • Reworked font/format string code to bleed less state and automatically re-raster if the outer object is attached to a rendertarget with a different output density.
  • Added additional anchoring points to linked images (center-left, center-top, center-right, center-bottom)
  • VR- mapping work for binding external sensor "limbs" to 3d models.


  • New function: image_tesselation, used to change subdivisions in s and t directions, and to access and change individual mesh attributes.
  • New function: rendertarget_reconfigure, used to change the target density of a rendertarget.
  • New functions: vr_map_limb, vr_metadata
  • Updated function: define_rendertarget. It now returns status, accepts more mode flags (MSAA) and allows target density specification.
  • Updated function: alloc_surface. It now allows additional backend storage formats, (FP16, FP32, alpha-less, RGB565, ...)
  • Updated function: link_image, added additional anchoring points


  • New library, arcan-shmif-server. This is used for proxying / multiplexing additional connection unto an established one. Primary targets for this lib is a networking proxy and for TUI/Terminal to support delegating decode/rendering to other processes.
  • Added support for HANDOVER subsegments, these are subsegments that mutate into primary segments in order to reuse a connection to negotiate new clients without exposing a listening channel.


  • Dissemination article:
  • support for bitmapped fonts (PSFv2) as an optional path for faster rendering on weak hardware.
  • Built-in bitmapped terminus for three densities/sizes (small, normal, large) as fallback.
  • Added dynamic color-scheme updates.
  • Rendering-layer reworked to support shaping, custom blits, ...
  • Experimental double buffered mode (ARCAN_ARG=dblbuf)
  • Experimental smooth scrolling in normal mode (ARCAN_ARG=scroll=4)
  • Experimental shaping mode kerning for non-monospace fonts (ARCAN_ARG=shape)
  • Experimental ligature/substitution mode for BiDi/i8n/"code fonts" via Harfbuzz (ARCAN_ARG=substitute)
  • Lua bindings and tool for testing them out (src/tools/ltui)


  • Refactored use of environment variables to a configuration API
  • EGL-DRI: VT switching should be noticeably more robust, EGL libraries can now be dynamically loaded/reloaded to account for upgrades or per-GPU sets of libraries.
  • AGP: Updated GLES2 backend to work better with BCM drivers.
  • Evdev: Added optional support for using xkblayouts to populate the utf8 field.
  • EGL-GLES: quick fixes to bring BCM blobs back to life on rPI.
  • OpenBSD: initial port bring-up, keyboard input and graphics working.
  • SDL2: added SDL2 based video/event platform implementation, some input issues left to sort out before 1.2 support can be deprecated and this be the default on OSX.


  • Aloadimage: basic support for SVG images
  • Doc: started refactoring lua API documentation format to double as IDL for re-use of lua API as privileged drawing and WM- protocol.


  • XKB- Layout transfer support, basic pointer and pointer surface (wl_seat)
  • Damage Regions, dma-buf forwarding (wl_surf)
  • More stubs (data_device/data_device manager/data_offer/data source)
  • zxdg-shell mostly working (toplevel, positioners, popup)
  • added support for relative_pointer motion



  • LED subsystem reworked: Support hotplug, synthesized LED devices, added support for a FIFO protocol for communicating with external LED controllers
  • Accelerated Graphics: refactored to be dynamically (re-)loadable, getting closer to multi-vendor-multi-GPU support and GPU hotplugging.
  • Driver backend update: external-launch reloads accelerated graphics library, getting closer to runtime driver upgrades
  • Initial HMD/VR support: Early stages, spawn a subprocess for device control and input fusion/sampling with mapping to a virtual skeleton
  • Allow direct-to-drain enqueue for out-of-band high-priority events

Tools (src/tools) / Backends (separate repositories)

  • waybridge: (new) (alpha state, see wiki wayland notes) wayland protocol service
  • xarcan: (new) xserver with shmif driver backend
  • qemu: input state- fixes, closer to working multi-display and virgil support
  • SDL: improved synchronization, mouse and multi-window support
  • vrbridge: (new) basic integration skeleton and partial PSVR support (unusable)
  • aclip: (new) clipboard manager for translation between appl- and command-line
  • aloadimage: (new) image viewer with parser sandboxing
  • shmmon: (new) debugging tool for inspection of shmif- connection dumps or single client state from scraping proc
  • openal: patched backend can now be built standalone, back to working state for LWA


  • New segid subtypes: WIDGET, BRIDGE_X11, BRIDGE_WL, SERVICE
  • Two new sub-libraries: shmif_ext (extended accelerated rendering setup convenience) and shmif_tui (text user interface)
  • _open_ext added exposing additional initial-registration fields
  • Extended connection protocol to include a preroll stage which act as a collection phase for fonts, outputs, language, etc. in order to cut down on initial setup complexity and reduce connect-to-draw latency.
  • added _initial structure that conveys information gathered during the preroll stage
  • add VSIGNAL RHINT to support event- based notification on frame delivery for some I/O multiplexation edge cases
  • Engine-side reservable misc- buffer added to shmpage layout for specialized I/O devices that would saturate the event queues when dealing with latency-sensitive high-samplerate input devices
  • Negotiable extended mapping for synchronizing gamma/color information
  • Negotiable (placeholder/incomplete) extended mapping for supporting HDR source contents
  • Negotiable (placeholder/incomplete) extended mapping for vector content transfer


  • egl-dri: backlight support exposed as a LED controller, VT switch stability fixes, EGLStreams support moved from the egl-nvidia platform, removed egl-nvidia, add switchable synchronization strategies for fast, adaptive or conservative.
  • evdev: devices with LEDs now get mapped to a corresponding LED controller.
  • agp: exposed more color packing formats.


  • Tuning to resize/- refresh cpu v latency tradeoffs
  • Refactored codebase and split out drawing/shmif- integration etc. into using shmif_tui.
  • Minor bugfixes related to color parsing, added blink speed control


  • Deprecated: LED_CONTROLLERS constant
  • target- event propagation extended:
  • Added functions: hmd_setup, define_arcantarget (LWA only, experimental)
  • Updated functions: controller_leds, set_led, set_led_intensity, set_led_rgb, open_nonblock, audio_gain, video_displaygamma, decode_modifiers, target_flags, add_3dmesh
  • Added aliases: image_surface, image_surface_storage, image_surface_resolve (dropped properties suffix)
  • Updated events: display_state (additional fields for backlight) input (status: extended label fields, device reference, device domain) target (expose "bchunkstate", "preroll")


  • partial/incomplete: requesting/rendering to subsegments (icon, titlebar, popup, ...) via define_arcantarget
  • improvements to runtime DPI switching and automated resize-response
  • runtime server controlled 'default font' and 'default font size' switching



	* New functions: target_devicehint (control accelerated device use and connection points),
	                 video_displaygamma (access low-level display gamma ramps),
	                 rendertarget_vids (enumerate rendertarget- attachments)
	* Update functions: target_displayhint(synch controls), set_context_attachment(can now query),
	                    rendertarget_forceupdate(change rate after creation), target_seek(can now
	                    specify seek domain), system_collapse (can now disable frameserver-vid


	* Added shmif_ext support library for reusing the boiler plate in setting up
              egl surfaces, creating contexts and performing handle passing.
	* Audio buffer negotiation is now allowed to  now switch samplerate
	* Structure for specifying viewport-border region extended to handle varying t/l/d/r
	* Support for live migration between connection points
	* Extended the number of RESET states to account for server crash recovery


	* image loading and guard thread stack size and safety edge condition fixes
	* allow shmif- connections to negotiate deviating audio samplerate


	* Added optional tesseract-ocr support to encode frameserver.
	* Removed resamplers from game
	* Terminal: mouse protocol support, better resize filtering, better scrolling step size
	controls, fixed font descriptor leak, OSC set title and bracket paste support


	* Support for egl-dri on BSDs
	* Input platform for FreeBSD/console
	* Display mapping semantics improved for SDL/egl-dri
	* Improved synch- control for multiple displays
	* linux/event, renamed to evdev, better (but still not good) VT switching support
	* evdev, MT event formatting fixes
	* evdev, better recovery in the event of SIGTERM


	* sdl12 hijack library reworked to use dummy- drivers for A/V
	* xlib hijack library for partially broken SDL12/SDL2 games that rely on dangling
	  X/GLX symbols



	* New functions: net_discover, video_synchronization, resize_video_canvas,
	video_displaydscr, video_displaymodes, map_video_display, system_identstr,
	system_collapse, switch_appl, build_pointcloud, image_state,
	cursor_setstorage, cursor_position, move_cursor, nudge_cursor,
	resize_cursor, image_mipmap, alloc_surface, tag_image_transform,
	resample_image, target_reject, target_updatehandler, pacify_target,
	bond_target, rendertarget_detach, rendertarget_forceupdate,
	rendertarget_noclear, target_flags, target_parent, target_displayhint,
	target_fonthint, target_alloc, open_nonblock, accept_target,
	define_feedtarget, define_nulltarget, util:hash, util:to_base64,
	util:from_base64, get_keys, match_keys, list_target_tags,
	target_configurations, audio_buffer_size, crop_image, center_image,
	image_access_storage, image_resize_storage, image_matchstorage,
	build_pointcloud, system_defaultfont, frameserver_debugstall,
	input_capabilities, input_samplebase, set_context_attachment,
	video_display_state, shader_ugroup

	* Removed deprecated: launch_target_capabilities, game_cmdline,
	switch_theme, list_games, game_info, game_family, game_genres pause_audio,
	instance_image, camtaghmd_model, default_movie_queueopts,
	default_movie_queueopts_override, net_refresh


* Calctarget callback table get, histogram_impose and frequency
* Frameserver_terminated events renamed to terminated
* Support for coverage tracking trace build
* Added color support to output messages
* Added interpolation function specifier to move/rotate/blend/resize
	* Transformation chains can have callback tags associated with completion,
		this also works as a timer implementation.
	* Added support for native/accelerated cursor rendering
* System_collapse for switching running appl or dropping all resource
* Allocations that are not strictly connected to frameservers
* _display_state callback
* Input class for frameserver/remoting originated input (cursor_input, key_input)
* Net discovery events propagated
* Automated frameserver- looping dropped,
  in favour of manual management on terminated events
* Monitor state format properly escape Lua strings
	* Text rendering functions provide additional metrics and has a tabled
		version where %2 indices ignore format string characters
* Link_image can now specify anchor point


* Database module rewritten, target/configuration/appl key-value store
* Namespace rewritten, RESOURCE/APPL split into multiple fine-grained namespaces
* Interpolation state exposed as shader built-in
* Output dimensions exposed as shader built-in
* Better transformation caching and dirty invalidation
* Bugfixes to 2D/3D picking
* Support for post- Lua init hook scripts (primarily intended for testing and
  automation purposes).
* First refactoring of memory allocation resources using different
  interface that tracks alignment, metatype etc.
* Support for adoption / fallback application in the event of an
  error in the Lua state machine
* Dropped support for framequeues
	* Font rendering support for default- system font and specifying format
	  related to system font
	* Fallback font chains to switch other fonts when glyphs are missing
	* Cheap, "shallow" clipping added to reduce stencil- buffer use
	* More fine grained control over frameserver data routing
	* Support for shader instancing through uniform groups
	* Framesets now act as null_surface + sharestorage calls


* EGL-GLES split into regular EGL-GLES primarily for
  ARM devices, and the Linux/KMS specific EGL-DRI with the distant
		relative EGL-NVIDIA.
* Interface expanded to support multi-monitor, dynamic synchronization switching
* X11 and Linux (evdev) platform support expanded with better input management
* Support for DRI render-nodes, accelerated buffering passing
* OpenGL used stripped from video/3d/frameserver
  into AGP (arcan graphics platform) to support lower level graphics APIs
  and software rendering.


* Much improved documentation, automated testing, build tracking and tagging.
* Re-organized large parts of the source tree
* Switched majority of component licensing from GPL to BSD
	* AWB / Gridle moved out to own .gits, defunct/unsupported
	* Added support for LWA, lightweight arcan. A special build that uses
		another arcan instance as display server.
	* Much improved support for HDPI and mixed-DPI displays


* Support for non-authoritative connections via CONNPATH and CONNKEY
* Support for multiple- segments,
* More aggressive cookie/dynamic integrity check
* Cleanup / simplify connection and setup API
* Shmif resize heuristics switched to reduce stalls / latency
	* Support for multiple video buffers / segment
	* Support for multiple audio buffers / segment
	* Support for Communicating buffer dimensions
	* More fine-grained control over I/O multiplexation, guard threads,
	  synchronization, blocking vs tearing
	* Type-model changes, SEGID can register as: LWA, NETWORK_SERVER,
	* target_command- changes: -FDTRANSFER, +BCHUNK_IN, +BCHUNK_OUT,
	* external_command- changes: +FAILURE, +BUFFERSTREAM, +STATESIZE, +FLUSHAUD,


* Added terminal frameserver
* ARCAN_FRAMESERVER_DEBUGSTALL switched to allow infinite or specific- sleep
* VNC server support added to encode
* Remoting frameserver added (primitive at the moment, support vnc client)
* Decode_ default switched from av/ffmpeg to libvlc
* Libretro graphing moved to a possible debug secondary segment



  • Monitoring mode now uses the same namespace as themes, can now load .lua crashdumps
  • The core-engine builds and runs on arm/egl devices (e.g. raspberry PI), no working input layer or resolution switching controls yet. _math performance is horrible before we get working ARMv6 + NEON optimized options.
  • Frameserver API cleaned up, reworked build-system and source organisation.
  • Optional avfeed- frameserver added, this is just a skeleton to ease writing custom data sources ( corresponding lua calls are launch_avfeed) and needs to be enabled build-time.
  • Frameservers can now (except on windows) be built in a split- mode, where each subtype (movie, encode, libretro etc.) gets its own binary.
  • Alignment issues when running SIMD optimized math adjusted
  • OSX support partially re-added, no packaging / UI work as of yet.
  • Monitoring mode changed slightly, instead of forking, we now set envvar and re-exec ourselves to accommodate for systems with broken broken fork() support (seriously OSX...)


  • initial API documentation coverage now at 100%, language and descriptive qualities for individual pages still have a lot to go, this will be improved gradually.
  • system_load now accepts an optional trigger to disable _fatal calls when asked to load a broken script
  • target_coreopt added to force key,val options to target frameserver
  • target_verbose hints frameservers and their internal processing to expose more detailed data (e.g. pts/framecount/frameskipping for decode and encode)
  • define_calctarget added, similar in style to a recordtarget (without any audio) that exposes buffer data as a callback to a provided lua function
  • target_synchronous disables PTS enforcement and blocks on sync with frameserver and with GPU (only for very specific uses)
  • exposing lua api to the VM is delayed until just before the themename() entry-point
  • all C<->LUA functions are now mapped to a LUA_TRACE(luasymbolname) macro (where ctx refers to the lua_State pointer) for engine dev. to ease customized tracing, by default, the macro is just empty.
  • system_snapshot function added (similar to a crashdump but can be invoked by script dev.)
  • image_children now returns correct VIDs
  • more functions aggressively shut down if a broken VID is provided


  • Support for Core Options
  • Support for 3D Cores (may cause some problems with certain window managers as we need to spawn full windows to get access to an off-screen FBO)
  • Improved support for analog devices and filtering
  • Rollback based input latency masking support added (experimental)

Database tool

  • Improved builddb times and fixes for libretro core scanning
  • Now adds support for .descr files in games/target folder to disable and override scanning
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