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@letoram letoram tagged this
 * 3D model viewer (rescued from the AWB codebase)
 * Quake style drop-down terminal
 * Auto-layouter

New features:
 * Titlebar contents is now format- string pattern defined
 * Slotted grab forward input device to a window regardless of selection
 * Target-Identity triggered cheat sheets
 * OCR to clipboard support
 * Sticky- Meta keys
 * Double-tap Meta to toggle raw input locking
 * Initial touchpad gesture analyzer
 * Dedicated fullscreen mode
 * Button release can now be bound to path
 * Dedicated fullscreen mode
 * Connection- rate limiting

 * Mouse- doubleclick rate controls
 * Don't start with hard-lock mouse on SDL/OSX
 * Start with statusbar at top of screen rather than bottom
 * Statusbar color indicates lock status
 * Menus now show domain in path helper
 * .. can be used to navigate up in menu path history