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* [Sysvars] Add various system variables to hardware info

For example to send to a broker for lots of deployed nodes to keep track of what hardware is used.

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ESPEasy (development branch)

Introduction and wiki:

MEGA ⚠️This is the development branch of ESPEasy. All new untested features go into this branch. If you want to do a bugfix, do it on the stable branch, we will merge the fix to the development branch as well.⚠️

Check here to learn how to use this branch and help us improving ESPEasy:

Web based flasher (experimental)

To make it easier to get started, one may flash a build directly to the ESP from your browser. Currently only Chrome and Edge are supported.

See this flash page to try the new web flash feature.

The web flasher is using ESP Web Tools made by the people behind ESPHome and Home Assistant.

Binary releases

On demand, controlled by the repo owner, our build-bot will build a new binary release:

The releases are named something like 'mega-20210501' (last number is the build date)

Depending on your needs, we release different types of files:

The name is built up from a few key parts:


[build-type] can be any of:

Build type Description included plugins
custom Custom predefined set/Defined in Custom.h Specific
normal Standard plugins Stable
test_A Normal + test set A Stable + Testing base + set A
test_B Normal + test set B Stable + Testing base + set B
test_C Normal + test set C Stable + Testing base + set C
test_D Normal + test set D Stable + Testing base + set D
test_E Normal + test set E Stable + Testing base + set E
max All available plugins All available
energy All plugins related to energy measurement Stable + Energy measurement
display All plugins related to displays Stable + Displays
hard hardware specific builds Minimal
minimal minimal plugins for specific use-cases Switch and Controller
spec_* specialized technical builds Not intended for regular use
IRext Infra-red hardware specific Sending and receiving IR cmd

[opt-arduino-library] (optional) can be any of:

Arduino library Description
alt_wifi Alternative WiFi configuration
beta Arduino Beta release
sdk3 Arduino SDK v.3
core_274 Arduino Core 2.7.4 release
core_274_sdk3 Arduino Core 2.7.4 SDK v.3 release

[hardware-type] cn be any of:

Hardware type Description
ESP8266 Espressif ESP8266 generic boards
ESP8285 Espressif ESP8285 generic boards 1MB Flash
WROOM02 Espressif ESP8266 WRoom02 boards
ESP32 Espressif ESP32 generic boards
ESP32-wrover-kit Espressif ESP32 wrover-kit boards
SONOFF Sonoff hardware specific
other_POW Switch with power measurement
Shelly_1 Shelly 1 switch
Shelly_PLUG_S Shelly plug S switch with power measurement
Ventus Ventus W266 weather station
LCtech LC-tech serial switch

[flash-size] can be any of:

Flash size Description
1M 1 MB with 128 kB filesystem
2M 2 MB with 128 kB filesystem
2M256 2 MB with 256 kB filesystem
4M1M 4 MB with 1 MB filesystem
4M2M 4 MB with 2 MB filesystem
16M 16 MB with 14 MB filesystem
4M316k 4 MB with 316 kB filesystem
16M1M 16 MB with 1 MB filesystem
16M2M 16 MB with 2 MB filesystem
16M8M 16 MB with 8 MB filesystem

[opt-build-features] can be any of:

Build features Description
LittleFS Use LittleFS instead of SPIFFS filesystem (SPIFFS is unstable > 2 MB)
VCC Analog input configured to measure VCC voltage
OTA Arduino OTA (Over The Air) update feature enabled
Domoticz Only Domoticz controllers (HTTP+MQTT) and plugins included
FHEM_HA Only FHEM/OpenHAB/Home Assistant (MQTT) controllers and plugins included
lolin_d32_pro Specific Lolin hardware options enabled
ETH Ethernet interface enabled (ESP32 only)

Some example firmware names:

Firmware name Hardware Included plugins
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_normal_ESP8266_1M.bin ESP8266 with 1MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_normal_ESP8285_1M.bin ESP8285 with 1MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_normal_ESP8266_4M1M.bin ESP8266 with 4MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_test_A_ESP8266_4M1M.bin ESP8266 with 4MB flash Stable + Testing base + set A
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_normal_ESP32_4M316k.bin ESP32 with 4MB flash Stable
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_test_A_ESP32_4M316k.bin ESP32 with 4MB flash Stable + Testing base + set A
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_test_B_ESP32_4M316k.bin ESP32 with 4MB flash Stable + Testing base + set B
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_max_ESP32_16M1M.bin ESP32 with 16MB flash All available plugins
ESPEasy_mega-20210501_max_ESP32_16M8M_LittleFS.bin ESP32 with 16MB flash All available plugins

To see what plugins are included in which testing set, you can find that on the ESPEasy Plugin overview page

Documentation & more info

Our new, in-depth documentation can be found at Automatically built, so always up-to-date according to the contributed contents. The old Wiki documention can be found at

Additional details and discussion are on the "Experimental" section of the forum:

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