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@psy0rz psy0rz released this Dec 20, 2018

Changes in mega-20181220 (since mega-20181218):

ESPEasy release bot (1):
      automatically updated release notes for mega-20181220

Grovkillen (2):
      [docs] P005 DHT11 + DHT22 hardware added
      [docs] fixed better value name in P003

TD-er (5):
      [PUYA] Support for PUYA now in core 2.5.0
      [TimingStats] Add timing stats for controllers
      [TimingStats] Add handle_schedule() to the timingstats.
      [WiFi] Add WiFi#APmodeDisabled & WiFi#APmodeEnabled #2180
      [WiFi] Documentation of new WiFi#APmodeEnabled / Disabled events
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