@psy0rz psy0rz released this Mar 22, 2018 · 2305 commits to mega since this release

Changes in v2.0-20180322 (since v2.0-20180321):

Bartlomiej Zimon (3):
      - P012 fix command interpretation
      - P023 fix command interpretation
      - P048 fetch params only when needed

ESPEasy release bot (1):
      automaticly updated release notes for v2.0-20180322

TD-er (4):
      - P035 move strings to flash
      [wifi] Make more robust checks and increase timeout
      [Memory] parseTemplate did not check if markers were found
      [WiFi] Take much more time for initial WiFi connect during setup

s0170071 (1):
      Serial WD crash
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