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Release v2.0.0-dev13

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@psy0rz psy0rz released this 02 Jan 17:00
· 12250 commits to mega since this release
Changes in v2.0.0-dev13 (since v2.0.0-dev12):

Edwin Eefting (28):
      more fixes for #235
      final fixes for #235, untested. all spiffs errors should be handled now and also show up in logs and webinterface
      fixed obscure crash caused by not returning a value in #235. we need to adjust compiler flags to detect these kinds of issues.
      always define PLUGIN_BUILD_NORMAL so normal plugins are compiled
      cleaned up buildflags and created common build variable
      solution for better error and warning highlighting when compiling with platformio
      enabled warnings and started fixing all the warnings to reduce the noise. (because warnings where disabled wasted about 3 hours debugging a simple no-return bug)
      cleaned up more warnings and fixed a few real bug along the way. #235
      now using PRAGMA to enable warnings, so that we dont get warnings from core libraries. also warnings will be treated as errors in Travis, this makes approving pull requests less work for me.
      travis fix
      worked around error caused by upstream libraries
      cleaned up notification stuff. fixed #502
      warnings are treated as errors now, by travis
      refactored and added automated test stuff
      examples for the lone wanderer
      cleaner errors
      working on test stuff
      update branching info
      test library stuff
      Simple fix for MH-Z19 B version. #529
      set lcd to NULL by default. #584
      fix #588. parseTemplate() now only checks enabled taskes for [] macros
      automaticly updated release notes for v2.0.0-dev13
      release all binaries by doing the full compile step as last
      automaticly updated release notes for v2.0.0-dev13
      still trying to fix travis release scripts..
      automaticly updated release notes for v2.0.0-dev13

Gijs Noorlander (9):
      [INA219] Allow for multiple instances on the same controller (#519)
      [INA219_v2.0] Improve logs for multiple devices (#546)
      [LCD plugin] Added check of LCD object before dereferencing it (#584)
      Move CO2 MH-Z19 plugin from "testing" to "normal" (#618)
      [DNS/IP] Obey UseDNS setting for all controllers (#629)
      [v2.0] Add more characters to the list not to escape in URLs (#635)
      [>49.7 days uptime overflow] Use separate function to compute time differences (#621)
      [WiFi] Avoid timeouts when not connected to WiFi (#639)
      [PubSubClient] Bug in handling domainname (#660)

Grovkillen (2):
      Added categories... (#552)
      Changed bin file names to be more descriptive. (#597)

Neo (1):
      [HT16K33_LED] Brightness control (#523)

mvdbro (1):
      Bugfix: %eventvalue% parsing on literal strings