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This program implements an experimental TLS ALPN proxy in order to implement downtime-free validation and renewal of Let's Encrypt certificates using the port 443 TLS-ALPN-01 challenge.

It works in the following way:

  • Upon starting, it listens on
    • This listener pre-reads the first (up to ~16KiB) packet and checks whether:
      • It is a ClientHello TLS record
      • It contains the ALPN TLS extension
      • It contains the acme-tls/1 ALPN protocol
    • If these prerequisites are fulfilled, the program will proxy the TCP connection to (where you should run e.g. Certbot's standalone TLS-ALPN-01 authenticator)
    • Otherwise, the listener will proxy the TCP connection to
    • In both cases, the program will copy the ClientHello TLS record as well.
    • After the listener is started, the program applies an iptables and ip6tables rule to redirect any incoming connections on 443/tcp to the program (that is already listening 21443/tcp).
  • Upon receiving the kill (SIGINT) signal (or the stop command):
    • The program removes the iptables redirects
    • The listener will no longer accept new connections
    • The listener will wait for the existing already-proxied connections to conclude before it dies.


  • Web server and ACME client agnostic
  • No downtime of connections at any point
  • Safe, idempotent operation
  • Single, dependency free (apart from iptables which you should already have) binary


# Download it once to your Linux system
sudo curl -L -o /usr/sbin/acme-alpn-proxy "" && \
sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/acme-alpn-proxy

# Invoke your ACME client
# This is a speculative example, the standalone authenticator in Certbot does not yet support TLS-ALPN-01
certbot certonly -d -a standalone \
--preferred-challenges tls-alpn-01 --tls-alpn-01-port 31443 \
--pre-hook "/usr/sbin/acme-alpn-proxy start &" --post-hook "/usr/sbin/acme-alpn-proxy stop &"


Change the fallback destination for non acme-tls/1 connections

By default it is, but you can customize it by using e.g.

acme-alpn-proxy -fallback start

Change the destination for acme-tls/1 connections

By default,, but can be customized:

acme-alpn-proxy -alpn start

Change the iptables rule that is added and removed

By default:

-p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 21443 -m comment --comment acme-alpn-proxy

but can be overridden with the ACME_ALPN_PROXY_RULESPEC env variable.

(-t nat -A/-D PREROUTING is prepended for addition/deletion of rules, respectively).

Change the pidfile destination

By default in /var/run/, but you can override it with the ACME_ALPN_PROXY_PIDFILE env variable.

Disable IPv6 iptables rules

Use the environment variable ACME_ALPN_PROXY_DISABLEV6=yto not use ip6tables.