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Let's Encrypt Website

This is the repository for the main Let's Encrypt website.

This site is built with Hugo. It's entirely static, no server-side code/scripting.

To see your changes, install Hugo Extended, then run it with:

hugo server -F

And open http://localhost:1313/ in your browser. Note that the -F flag will show items to be published in the future (like blog posts with dates in the future).

If you update javascript, css or layouts, you can run tests with:

npm install && npm run build && npm test

Contributions welcome.

Troubleshooting with Hugo

If you see the error:

Failed to load translations in file "en.toml": unsupported file extension .toml

Your version of Hugo is probably too old. Please use the version specified in netlify.toml

Translations - internationalization (i18n)

To help with translation, please see

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