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WebRTC communicator with sugar. You can chat with multiple audio and video channels, with a nice HTML chat to post images, links and videos.
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LetsChat is a WebRTC project, created to make an interactive video/audio conference with multiple people easier. By using WebRTC it doesn't force the user to install any plugin, it just requests a modern updated web browser like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

This is a work in progress, as you see there aren't any lines of source code so far. We suggest you to watch this repo to get the latest news if you're interested.


Some nice things to depend upon:

  • SimpleWebRTC by Henrik Joreteg from &yet.
  • Node.JS for signaling server and chat proxy.
  • Jade for HTML templating.
  • LESS for CSS pre-processing? Maybe? Or just plain CSS.
  • CoffeeScript? Maybe? Or just plain JS.
  • NGINX for serving the static content of the page.
  • Anything else?




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