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Syncronize content of files across directories, keeping the most up-to-date edits
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Sync Lists

Sync Lists is a simple script for synchronizing the content files across directories.

Specifically, designed for lists, keeping the most up-to-date edits sync'd (additions & removals).

This script takes in a list of files (defined in the script), identifies the last edited and syncs the terms across all of them. This could be useful if you are keeping a blacklist across multiple microservices, websites, apps, etc. Some examples: Blacklisted Terms, IPs, CSV entries, etc.

Expected Input

The expected form of the files to sync are:

Item 1
Item 2                                                                                      
Item N

Where an item can represent one item to syncronize.

This could be a item, list, etc. the only requirement is that the line ends with a \n.


If for instance, lets say we have a list of IPs we have blacklisted. If we removed: from one of the five blacklist config files we keep for our webservices. When I run python, it'll sync across all the files and remove


Checks for latest updates to all lists 
and applies most recent changes to all

filename             last edited
-----------------------------------        1551244020.288        1551244039.890        1551244020.292        1551244020.292        1551244020.292

---- REMOVED ITEMS -----


Terms which have been added are not noted.

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