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Integrated Semantic Framework (intsem.fx)



import nltk"book")

Tips: pip is recommended for installing required packages

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Using ISF

cd ~/workspace/intsem.fx
./isf parse data/sample.txt data/sample.out


WARNING: These are meant for developers who want to contribute to the codebase. If all you need is to run the ISF to process your data, please see the Installation section above instead.

2 - Check out the code of intsem.fx to ~/workspace with:

git clone --recursive

3 - Check out ERG to your workspace folder and compile the grammar

This is complicated, read more here:

Basically, I need the grammar file (erg.dat) to be located at ~/workspace/cldata/erg.dat

4 - Configure the application

cd ~/workspace/intsem.fx

To use ISF, please try

cd ~/workspace/intsem.fx
./isf --help


Use virtualenv to install required packages

python3 -m venv ~/isf_py3
. ~/isf_py3/bin/activate

Install these packages if you are using Fedora Linux:

sudo dnf install -y redhat-rpm-config gcc-c++
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