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We don't need this anymore since we're expecting ansible v2 now.
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@@ -59,8 +59,6 @@ can also be set with `--extra-vars` (or `-e`) command line switch.
`ansible_port`, as you can guess, has the same function regarding the ssh port ansible
will try to connect at.
**NOTE:** Ansible 2.0 deprecated the "ssh" from `ansible_user` `ansible_host`, and `ansible_port` to become `ansible_user`, `ansible_host`, and `ansible_port`. If you are using a version of Ansible prior to 2.0, you should continue using the older style variables (ansible_*). These shorter variables are **ignored**, without warning, in older versions of Ansible.
[ubuntu] ansible_host= ansible_port=2222
@@ -82,4 +80,4 @@ It doesn't matter if those files do not exist, but if they do, ansible will use
Now that we know the basics of modules, inventories and variables, let's
explore the real power of Ansible with playbooks.
Head to [step-04](
Head to [step-04](

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