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My Dotfiles

Once inspired from Ryan Bates Dot Files (

These are config files to set up a system the way I like it. They're bash/vim/ruby inclined (although ruby and vim are not required for the installation), and should work at least in Ubuntu (Arch to come).


git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

This will install :

- dotfiles
- custom gitconfig
- basic packages for a proper server & ruby environment
- rbenv and your favorite ruby version
- vim scripts (with pathogen + submodules)

You probably want to remove some scripts in bash.d according to your configuration.

The rbenv install script will install rbenv system wide if is invoked as root

During the script, when asked for confirmation, y means 'yes', n means 'no', A means 'always yes' and N means 'always no'. If you just press 'enter', it will use the last reply you made.

You can add your own erb templates in templates/ and install scripts in scripts/ For the latter, please name your scripts XX_what-my-script-does.bash where XX are two digits denoting execution order among all scripts (just like .bash.d/ does in this setup).

Questions, flames, inquiries

Please use github issues and pull requests !