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Django - Socket.IO - Tornadio2 - chat over HTTPS

This project is a basic implementation of a Socket.IO chat application, over HTTPS, integrated with Django user management.

The server setup is as follows:

                             ┌─[ 8000 ]-> Django
Internet -[ 443 ]-> HAProxy ─┤
                             └─[ 8001 ]->

Note This project comes with an example HAProxy configuration which listens on port 8443.

HAProxy takes care of ssl encryption and proxying. All related requests are proxied to a small tornadio server.


Follow the instructions in example/server_setup/

pip install ./django-socketio-chat

Create the d-socketio-chat database, and sync it.

cd example
python syncdb


  1. start Django

    cd example python runserver 0:8000

  2. start the tornadio app



Limiting users

You can configure who sees who with two callbacks that take a user object and return a queryset of users. By default all users are allowed to chat with anybody.

The example setting below illustrates this:

        'users_that_i_see': permissions.users_that_i_see,
        'users_that_see_me': permissions.users_that_see_me