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Startproject is a starting point for creating websites with Django Fiber.


  • Django (1.6.2)
  • Django Fiber (0.13)
  • psycopg2 (2.5.2)
  • South (0.8.4)
  • Normalize (3.0.1)
  • jQuery (2.1.0)
  • Modernizr (2.7.1)


$ git clone
$ cd startproject
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cp startproject/ startproject/
$ python syncdb --migrate
$ python loaddata ./fixtures/example_initial_data.json
$ python runserver 0:8000


When renaming the project, don't forget to replace 'startproject' with the project name in:

  • startproject/
  • startproject/
  • startproject (directory)

Generate a secret key:

SECRET_KEY is set to an empty string in startproject/

For production generate a new secret key with the following one-liner and use the result as value for SECRET_KEY:

$ python -c 'import random; print "".join([random.choice("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!@#$%^&*(-_=+)") for i in range(50)])'

Development dependencies:

$ gem install compass oily_png guard guard-compass guard-livereload

The next steps require node.js ( Install node packages / gulp dependencies:

$ npm install

Install gulp as a global node.js package

$ npm install -g gulp

To execute livereload / compass

$ gulp dev

Note: currently livereload only works when DEBUG=True