How to Edit Content

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All of the content for the website (other than News and Updates and Community Resources and Tools) lives within the _pages folder.

###Editing an existing page If you want to edit an existing page, you need push access to the repo OR you need to submit a pull request. If you have push access, navigate to the markdown file you want to edit. Click on the pencil icon to edit directly on the webpage and then commit your changes with a comment explaining what you changed.

If the directions above are intimidating and you don't have experience using git, perhaps it makes more sense to submit the suggested changes to the site administrator.

Otherwise, if you don't have commit/push access on the repo, fork the repo, navigate to and edit the pages on your own branch and make a pull request to the main repo.

The workflow for creating a pull request is the almost exactly the same as this page on community resource contributions. The difference is that in this case you won't need to add new pages/folders, but just edit what is already there.

The names of the folders correspond to the names of the pages.

Example: This Markdown corresponds to this page.

####Edit directly on Github If you have admin or push access on the repo, you can edit directly on Github. If you plan to be a regular contributor and maintainer, get in contact with the site administrator to get push access.

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