Cappuccino's Aristo for Sproutcore!
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Cappuccino's Aristo for SproutCore!

Ported by Levi McCallum.


First cd into your app and do this:

mkdir themes
git clone git:// themes/aristo_theme

Now add this to Buildfile:

config :all,
  :theme => :aristo_theme

config :aristo_theme, 
  :theme_name => 'aristo-theme'


Currently Supported

  • ButtonView
  • SegmentedView
  • SelectButtonView


  • ButtonView
    • Smaller sizes (only regular-size is supported)
    • Multiple styles (only "square" is currently supported)
    • Default selection style (currently remains grey)
  • SegmentedView
    • Needs disabled styles
    • Force left/right aligning
  • SelectButtonView
    • Needs CSS cleanup
    • Needs Disabled style
    • Selection menu needs styling
  • CheckBoxView
  • RadioView
  • SliderView
  • Menu design
    • This one's tricky, since SproutCore has no "menu". Needs some thought.
  • Scroller
  • Modal Panes (Aristo Window feel without the "browser" look)


Aristo is an open source UI distributed as part of the Cappuccino Web Application Framework and specifically designed for the cross platform challenges applications face today. It is a collaborative effort by 280 North, Inc. and Sofa and released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.

You can view this license here:

You can find out more about Aristo by visiting