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Exceptional API Wrapper


A wrapper on the Exceptional API for iOS. This wrapper uses the device's internet connection to report errors to your Exceptional account.


In your terminal:

In your Xcode project:

  • drag the GetexceptionalAPI folder into your project
  • drag the external folder into your project (decide which dependencies you need)
  • open the exceptional.plist file and add your API_KEY (this can be retrieved from the exceptional website)

External Dependencies

Using the Wrapper in your code

The Basics

You only need to import the API files into your project. You may need to reference the external dependencies as well.

Instantiating the API object

Setup the Wrapper as a default NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler. This way all exceptions, which occur in the app will be automatically reported to your account.

[[GTExceptionalAPI sharedAPI] setupExceptionHandling];

Doing this is optional. You may also report exceptions directly by using a try - catch block.

@try {
    ... your potentially risky code
@catch (NSException *exception) {
    [[GTExceptionalAPI sharedAPI] reportException:exception wait:NO];

Analyze Errors

Errors will be reported to your Exceptional account. Here is a description how you can analyze them: Analyze iOS errors - the easy way Let me know, if the blog entry covers all your concerns!


  • log the error in a file and send it the next time the app starts
  • handle error signals and report them as well