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This is the source code repository for LearnAngular, the Angular 1.x tutorial located at

About LearnAngular

The concept behind LearnAngular is simple. It's a lot easier to learn when you can do at the same time. LearnAngular consists of nearly twenty lessons covering the fundamentals of AngularJS. Each lesson is accompanied by an interactive example that allows you to code along in an integrated IDE, right in your browser.

LearnAngular covers the following topics.

  • AngularJS basics
  • Service recipes
  • Filters
  • Data validation
  • Ajax calls

The target audience for LearnAngular is developers who are familiar with JavaScript, but who have little to no experience with AngularJS. Lessons are ordered such that those who are brand new to Angular should feel at ease when starting from the very beginning, but are designed such that developers who just want to brush up on a certain topic should have no problem jumping in partway through.


I originally wrote this as a fun side project a few years back. Since its launch it has become quite popular, however at the same time I have undertaken many other projects that require my time and attention. As such, while I welcome all bug reports/feature requests, I probably won't get around to doing them myself. If you want to help make LearnAngular better, the best way to do so is by contributing with a pull request. For small bugs like typos or broken links just fork and fix, and I'll happily accept the PR. For new feature development, please create an issue first so that we can make sure that the feature makes sense before you dive in.

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