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-alias sc='script_rails console'
-alias ss='script_rails server -u'
-alias sdbc='script_rails dbconsole -p'
-alias ll='ls -l'
-alias gb='git branch'
-alias gc='git commit -v'
-alias gca='git commit -a -v'
-alias gco="git checkout"
-alias gd='git diff'
-alias gdc='git diff --cached'
-alias gdh='git diff HEAD'
-alias gp='git push'
-alias gl='git pull'
-alias gpr='git pull --rebase'
-alias gst='git status'
-alias gap='git add -p'
-alias ls="ls -G"
-alias ll="ls -lG"
-alias server='./script/server'
-alias console='./script/console'
-alias restart='touch tmp/restart.txt'
-#git shortcuts
-alias g='git'
-alias gadd='git add'
-alias gpush='git push'
-alias gcom='git commit'
-alias gstat='git status'

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