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 Moin and welcome to Gosu!
 Gosu's main website is, which always has the latest
links to all relevant information.
 The actual source code, wiki, issue tracker etc. are all hosted on GitHub:
 The best entry point into Gosu's documentation is the wiki home page:
 Try doing the tutorial there if you don't know how to start out. Or look at
one of the games in the Gosu Users board.
 Remember that Gosu is licensed under the MIT license and feel invited to fork,
port and transmogrify all parts of it. The only license that may affect you by
indirection is libogg's (BSD-style). If you release a Gosu game in any common
binary form, you will need to mention use of libogg and libvorbis somewhere.
 Complaints, questions, feedback?
* Visit the boards,
* try your luck in the chat, irc://
* or e-mail me. Have fun, write games!