A Khan Academy app for the Blackberry Playbook
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KABook #KABook The Open Source Khan Academy app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

This is an opensource application written using the Khan Academy API

It, like Khan Academy is a learning tool, meant to be used as a way to learn how to write apps for the PlayBook using WebWorks

It is also available in App World so you can go check out what the program looks like, how it works etc.. right away. ##Contribute: Please contribute, if you see some functionality that is lacking, or a better way to write the code please submit a bug report or pull request. Once I have some contributors I'll be replacing the initial loading screen with the names of contributors instead of my DeHaan Dev image. I will also add you to the contributors list in the about section.

#Task List:

  • Comment Code - Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to go through and comment all the code, its at the top of my list.
  • Add Search - A simple search bar in the header to search for specific topics on the left And the right columns - Needs code refactor (/api/v1/playlists/library/list)
  • Add Sort - Done Add a sort function A-Z on subject type
  • Add Khan Academy Login functionality - Add the ability to link in your Khan Academy account so you can follow your learning path in the app

###Side note: Please don't download this and submit it to app world as a paid app, that is pretty much the only stipulation I make. If you're going to write an app using this example code please make it original :)