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A NSView based replacement for NSMenu.
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Sample Project


A NSView based replacement for NSMenu.


In most cases, NSMenu works great. However we ran into limitations with Droplr where we wanted to do more fancy stuff with our menu like showing a popover when you hovered over certain menu items, etc, similar to how Spotlight search works. This proved to be impossible with NSMenu. There just wasn't enough control. So I did the drudgery of writing a view-based replacement for NSMenu and now I'm sharing it with you.


I provided a sample app that shows how to use it with a popover but feel free to hack away use it in anyway that you need.

We used approximately this code in Droplr for Mac 2.0-3.0 to power the our NSStatusItem menu. If you come up with an improvement, submit a pull request and I'll do my best to merge it in a timley fashion.

Levi Nunnink / / @a_band

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