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Serverless Boilerplate

A starter boilerplate for nodeJS serverless applications.

MIT licensed Stars

The boilerplate provides simple examples of

  • HTTP / REST functions (synchronous application logic)
  • SNS functions (asynchronous or deferred application logic)
  • Scheduled functions

It is meant merely as a launching point that contains some common libraries for building a serverless app on AWS.


  • nodeJS: This boilerplate is written in nodeJS 8.10 and many of the plugins we're using are only available for node.
  • AWS Lambda: This boilerplate assumes that you're going to deploy your serverless functions to AWS and not another cloud provider.
  • Docker & Make: For building and deploying serverless functions.

Getting started

Installing the project

git clone
npm install

I recommend familiarizing yourself with the serverless.yml file.

Running the project locally

HTTP functions

npm run start # Starts a local http server that you can access directly in your browser to test your http serverless functions

Triggering SNS functions

npm run sns -- functionName --data '{"a":"bar"}' # Please note the space before and after the double-dash "--"

Developing and testing AWS services locally:

If you want to use AWS services locally, you'll need to use localstack. I recommend only running the services you actually need instead of booting up the whole AWS suite. Docker runs out of memory very quickly that way. In the example docker-compose.yml you'll see that we are only running S3 and Dynamodb locally. You can modify this as you need.

docker-compose up # Boots localstack and associated services

To use these services when running your serverless app locally, you need to override the endpoint variable to point it to localstack.

const AWS = require('aws-sdk');

const s3 = new AWS.S3({
  endpoint: 'http://localhost:4572', // localstack s3 endpoint

Building and deploying

The boilerplate includes two stages for deployment stage and prod. Feel free to modify these as you like but remember that serverless functions go live instantly so staged deployment and good testing are really important.

Builds are run and deployed in Docker for consistency using a special build image that mimics the Lambda nodeJS environment.

Deploy to staging:

make deploy-stage

Deploy to production:

make deploy-prod

A note about environment variables:

You'll notice references to AWS_ENV_PATH in the Makefile. This is so the aws-env library knows where to find the environment variables. These env variables map to the environment vars in the serverless.yml file.

Included libraries

Library Description
serverless-api-cloudfront Automatically creates properly configured AWS CloudFront distribution that routes traffic to API Gateway.
serverless-apigw-binary Automates the process of adding binary files support in API Gateway. Useful for serving static assets.
aws-env Secure way to handle environment variables in Docker. Used when building and deploying serverless functions.
aws-serverless-express Run serverless applications and REST APIs using the express framework.
localstack A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Useful for development and testing.
docker-serverless Docker image that can be used for Serverless nodeJS deployment.


Author: Levi Nunnink - @levinunnink


A starter boilerplate for nodeJS serverless applications




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